Digital marketing trends in recent years have seen brands adopting a mobile-first approach. Now that people access the internet on mobile devices more than they do using desktop computers, mobile-first marketing makes a lot of sense. Whilst marketing campaigns are typically centered around social media networks and online video-sharing platforms, the role of SMS in digital marketing has also become a prominent and formidable tool for marketers.

It’s well-documented that SMS messages reach more customers than other advertising channels. They have higher open rates than email, are not drowned out in the noise of social media and do not have to compete for attention like search engines.

Other advantages of SMS marketing include instant delivery, the technology supports other types of media, it strengthens customer loyalty and you can use SMS for sending the right message to the right people.

SMS is also highly versatile. As a matter of fact, text messaging services should not be reserved for marketing. Consumers appreciate brands using SMS to conduct customers service, send reminders, distribute news and reward loyal customers.

It’s also reported that SMS response rates are eight times higher than email. These are the reasons why Coca-Cola spends 70% of its marketing budget on SMS.

So why does SMS enjoy such outstanding success?

The Power of SMS Marketing

power of sms marketing

SMS marketing is so powerful for two specific reasons; your audience want to hear from you, and the human brain.

If you’re a marketer, learn how to use SMS to your advantage. Here’s how.

SMS marketing is controlled by strict regulations. In the US, mobile marketing is governed by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the CAN-SPAM Act.

Under these regulations, companies are obligated to get written consent from individual before you send them an SMS marketing message. Whilst some advertisers see this as a barrier, it can actually work in your favor.

Customers that give you permission want to hear from you. These customers are your most loyal clientele and the bread and butter of your business.

You should know these customers well enough to send them promotions that are relevant to them. Rewards sent by SMS are also a welcome gesture. Especially because of how the brain works.

The Reward Factor

The remarkable statistics for SMS marketing are not an accident. Open rates can be as high as 98%, with 90% of messages being opened in the first three minutes of receipt.

Do you want to know why?


Dopamine is a neurochemical that occurs naturally in the body. One of its roles is to trigger the seek and reward response. This is the chemical that makes you want something and feel satisfied when you get what you want.

SMS messages are typically associated with excitement. When you hear your mobile buzzing, you immediately want to see who it is from.

Using SMS to reward customers in a variety of ways, therefore, prompts your contacts to open the messages you send them.

SMS has a big role to play in a digital marketing strategy. Now you know why SMS is so powerful and you can use it to your advantage.

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