There’s no better way to boost trust and loyalty in your brand than by providing the trends of an excellent customer service.

Take Amazon for example. The eCommerce giant has built its reputation on excelling at customer service, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same.

Furthermore, customer service is evolving. As consumer trends change, people don’t merely expect businesses to deliver good customer services, they demand it. 

We have listed some recent trends below that reveal how businesses are changing the way they provide customer service. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for your own business.

Live Chat

These days, when someone lands on your site and has a question, they don’t want to send an email and wait for a whole day to get a response. They want immediate answers.

Many websites provide knowledge centers for this, but it can be difficult for consumers to find the answers they are looking for. It’s time-consuming and can be frustrating. 

The most effective way to provide customers with answers is to incorporate a live chat service. And they provide many benefits

With live chat, visitors to your website not only get an immediate response, they also speak to a human being. And internet shopping has removed human interaction between brands and consumers. This is not good for building trust.

Furthermore, the capacity to answer questions immediately increases you chances of generating a sale. Your sales team should be on hand to direct customers to more information and products visitors are looking for.

Even if it does not lead to a sale, simply providing a quick way to get in touch will improve the experience for the shopper, which can help to encourage them to return.


Chatbots take the idea of live chat to the next level. These only started to appear in recent years, but they have taken the internet by storm and people love them!

Chatbots use AI to provide instant answers to simple questions. If you are unsure about how they work, this comprehensive guide has all the answers you need.

Of course, there are times when a human response is necessary, but for simple questions, bots provide an even better service because they are instant. There is no waiting around for a team member to become available.

And the thing about bots is that they are getting better all the time. So don’t get left behind, now is a great time to incorporate a chatbot into your customer service and provide your customers with what they want.

SMS Customer Service

trends on customer service

Emails play a large role in customer service. But emails have a problem, inboxes are overcrowded and emails often get ignored or immediately deleted.

Because of this many companies have turned their attention to SMS. Text messages face far less competition than emails, and they get opened and read a lot more, making it far more likely that your message will get noticed.

Texting is also a more personal way of contacting customers. When you send reminders or updates to your customers by SMS, it can help to improve customer relationships.

Social Media

Social media has had such a massive impact for online businesses that it should, by now, play a central role in your customer service operations. 

If you are not already harnessing the power of social media networks to connect with customers, it’s time to change that. Many people will not want to visit your website, find your contact form, and submit a question. Instead, they want to contact you directly from social media platforms – because they are already active on there.

Make sure you are available on social media. Set up Facebook and Twitter feeds purely for customer questions, and make it clear on all your social accounts that you welcome questions. Also give a timescale when you will answer.

It’s most beneficial to put someone on your team in charge of responding to social media messages. You don’t want to leave customers waiting.

Immediate responses are a great way to boost your customer service and grow your social networks at the same time.

Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

As customer service trends change, make sure you are not being left behind. What seems new and novel today will be expected by your customers tomorrow. 

Providing amazing customer service via a range of channels is an easy win for your business. So give your customers what they want, and win their loyalty and trust as a result.

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