An SMS bomber can be a software program that sends large numbers of unsolicited messages from a computer to the phone numbers in a particular area code. An SMS Bomber can also be someone who sends an excessive amount of SMS messages, often designed to make their victim feel harassed.

SMS bombing on the other hand is the act of sending a large number of unsolicited text or phone messages to a person in order to disturb them. It is done to overrun their voice and data services, either crashing or blocking the device.

SMS bombing usually comes in waves, with few or no messages followed by periods when thousands are being sent per day. In general, this makes it difficult for recipients to cope because there’s never a break from receiving new messages and managing old ones. 

How Does an SMS Bomber Work?

An SMS Bomber works by using an application (for smartphones or web-based applications). SMS bombing uses a variety of techniques to send messages. You may use a computer program or script to send the messages, but in many cases, smartphones and tablets are programmed with apps for SMS bombing purposes. Scripts can automate the process as well, sending thousands of messages per hour. 

The messages themselves might contain a video or photo attachment sent to each recipient, or they might have a link that will open in the user’s phone browser.

Generally speaking, an SMS bomber exploits the auto-reply setting on a person’s cell phone. The SMS sender will send repeated texts to the recipient or will create an automated message to be sent on a regular interval – typically every five minutes.

Furthermore, an SMS Bomber works depending on the app or website you are using. Here’s a general guide on SMS bombers:

  1. → Open the application or website of your choice.
  2. → Input your message.
  3. → Input the number of the receiver.
  4. → Enter the number of SMS you want to send.
  5. → Click the send or start button and wait for the application or website to process your message.

Why Use SMS Bomber?

why use sms bomber

SMS bombers are used for a variety of purposes. The most common is political protest. While most SMS bombing campaigns are meant to harass and annoy their targets, they can serve as a type of free speech directed at governments or companies who may be engaging in surveillance activities or withholding services.

SMS Bomber is similar to text blasts. While the term SMS bombing is more related to spams and pranks, text blasts are known to be on the professional side of things. Here’s why you should use SMS bomber or text blasts:

  • Online Competitions: Other uses include online competitions between gamers where the winner is the one who sends the most messages to a particular number and bettors trying to affect public opinion about an upcoming event.
  • Announcements: Educational institutions may use SMS blasts for notifications, reminders, and informational purposes. For instance, they may use SMS Bombing to inform all students about the admission guidelines and other upcoming school events.
  • Promotional Purposes: SMS Bomber can be used, with permission from the recipient, for promotional purposes in addition to the typical use of SMS bomber for marketing. But when using it commercially, it is essential to follow specific guidelines. 

Companies should ensure their target audience is happy following the business’ message with all communication channels, including digital, direct mail, phone communication, email communication, and social media communication channels. 

Is SMS Bomber Used for Prank?

Many people use SMS bombing as a prank because it’s simple to set up and doesn’t require the user to be near his target. It is a form of cyberbullying involving sending messages to users with mobile phones and then cutting off the conversation.

They also use online chat and social networking sites because more people carry mobile phones than laptops. A common tactic of SMS Bomber prankers is to spam people with text messages containing gibberish just before they try to sleep at night – this can result in them sleeping for much shorter periods.

They are often joined by other types of psychological torture tactics used by cyberbullies, such as posting embarrassing photos or videos on someone’s social media profile or spreading rumors about them through instant messaging services.

Is SMS Bomber Safe to Use?

Most of what SMS Bomber can do is harmless, but it does come with potential risks. It’s crucial to be aware of the major risks you face before sending emails or messages through this app because they might lead to more extensive security breaches than you might first anticipate.

The process of sending thousands of messages in a short period can overwhelm the servers that are used and cause them to crash or block the phone number altogether – this may ultimately result in the user losing his mobile service completely. There have also been reports of people being charged for the messages they receive, even though they’re unsolicited.

Is SMS Bomber Free?

Free sms bomber

SMS Bomber is free, but it often comes with a variety of charges. It’s important to be aware of any hidden fees before trusting an SMS Bomber app completely because they can end up costing you more than you bargained for if you’re not familiar with the end result.

SMS bombing is typically done by sending thousands of messages to the same mobile phone number. This can result in a large fee for the person who has been targeted, as they’re typically charged per message when the content is unrelated to their service. It might also lead to a cancellation of their phone number or an interruption of their service if the servers are unable to accommodate so much traffic.

Text blasts with an SMS enterprise are not free on the other hand. For local US numbers, a message usually costs $0.0075 to $0.0200, depending on the message length.

Yes. Most SMS bombers use the app for pranks or harmless jokes, which means that many of them are legal to use. Some states have certain rules about sending harassing or threatening messages by phone, and some might state that you can only send a limited number of messages per day through an email.

There are also specific laws in place that cover spam messages and unsolicited advertising, with penalties for sending commercial messages without the recipient’s consent. If you’re aware of these laws and plan to use SMS Bomber to send a million spam or marketing emails without offering anything in return, it might lead to censure by authorities.

The CAN-SPAM Act prohibits businesses from sending unwanted text messages to cell phone numbers and requires that any commercial message be easily identifiable by the receiver as an advertisement. Consumers must also have the option of unsubscribing from receiving these types of messages in order for them not to violate this act.

Is It Possible to SMS Bomb from Computer?


Yes. It is possible to SMS Bomb from your computer if the person is using a web-based messaging service. To send an SMS blast using a computer, you need to have a server that will connect all the devices that are required for sending the SMS.

A dashboard should be created to monitor the connected devices where every device will be represented by an interactive icon and visible from any web browser. You can host this server either on your computer or in a cloud service.

After creating the server, you should connect all your devices (which are required for sending SMS) to the same network and create a group using the assigned IP address. Now, this remote group can be controlled using any device which is connected to the internet. You can also use third-party software for creating large-scale SMS bombings.

What is the Difference Between SMS Bomber and Bulk SMS?

There is a distinct difference between SMS bomber and bulk SMS. Bulk SMS messages tend to be larger and more targeted at businesses and corporations. A bulk SMS service is often used for sending transactional or promotional messages, while the recipient knows in advance that they’ll be receiving these types of communications via text message.

On the other hand, SMS bombing is typically done by individuals trying to create a social or political statement. Messages are sent to unsuspecting bystanders who receive them completely unexpectedly and who might not know why they’re receiving the messages. Additionally, SMS bombing is mainly used for pranks and spams. 

What are the Best Text Bomber Apps for Android?

  • TXT Blast: This SMS bomber app is really easy to use. Just enter your friend’s number, the total number of messages you want to send him (up to 5,000), and type in a message below that! When everything looks good, click on the “Send SMS” button at the bottom and enjoy watching as this program annoys them for days with constant text notifications.
  • SMS Repeat: This app allows you to send the same message again and again quickly. You can also set how many times it is sent in each instance, allowing for customization across all of your messaging needs.
  • Crazy SMS: This SMS app is great for sending single messages multiple times. You can specify how many texts you want the phone to send, and if your finger slips on the home button, it will stop sending at that point in time.

What are the Best Text Bomber Apps for iOS?

  • Bomb It Up: With this SMS bomber app, you can send several text messages to your friends at once. You have the option to create customized texts using whatever words or phrases that come to mind. The email and WhatsApp bombs are useful if you want several people in your contacts list bombarded with emails/WhatsApp messages simultaneously.
  • SMS Flooder (Cydia): The online SMS flooder site by is a popular choice among people who want to send multiple messages at once quickly and easily. It has an easy-to-use interface, where you can enter the contact number of your target in one tab and enter all 900+ texts in another tab before hitting “send.” It will result in sending up to 900 text messages within seconds.
  • SMS Bomber (Cydia): The Cydia SMS Bomber app is one of the best apps for iPhones to prank your friend. You can generate multiple numbers of text messages by sending the same message again and again.

How to Prevent SMS Bomber?

To prevent SMS bombers, there are several things you can do. Robocalls and spam texts are prevented from reaching your mobile device with the installation of a spam blocker. Furthermore, it adds an extra layer to data security by protecting sensitive personal information.

Furthermore, do not ignore messages that may be spam. If you feel uneasy about a message, report it to your mobile service provider, and they will take the necessary steps to prevent similar scams from happening again.

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