Definition of SMS Blast

The term “text blast” is used to describe the act of sending a large number of text messages in rapid succession. It was commonly used by churches, hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, and other commercial enterprises for marketing purposes because it would be useful in increasing sales. The texts are often sent through an automatic or auto transcribed program that instantly creates and sends out texts. 

Text Blast is your fully automated solution for blasting messages to your contacts via text message or email. You can build one-time messages that are sent immediately or set up recurring messages sent out on the days of the week and times you desire. Furthermore, Text Blast is a service that blasts out an SMS text message to your full list of contacts from your phone.  

How Does Text Blast Work?

Text blasts usually work by using an application or an SMS service. Text blasts are a form of marketing that sends personalized SMS messages to potential clients. The text blast will include one or more promotional offers and may also contain additional information about the company, its products/services, or its location. To set up a text blast, here’s what you should know:

  • Choose a Text Blast Service Provider: Text blast services are a great way to get started with social media marketing. You’ll need one that has all the features and functionality you desire, so make sure it’s easy for yourself. You must look for a service that offers everything from text messaging apps on your phone  and various other helpful tools such as free analytics reports.
  • Create a Text List: If you want to stay on the right side of those pesky laws, make sure your texts are going only where permission has been granted. In other words, get subscribers. The first step is gaining new opt-ins by having people opt-in via shortcodes or numbers collected from compliant databases. But don’t forget about importing old contacts who have already subscribed if needed.
  • Set up and Send: Now that you have your list of subscribers, it’s time to start sending them SMS blasts. The best part about this is all you need are their mobile phone numbers, and then they can be the recipient of your latest promos and deals.

What are the Features of Text Blast?

The features of Text Blast depend on your chosen SMS provider. It is truly a new and innovative way of promoting a product or service. It’s an inexpensive marketing technique that allows you to send promotional messages via SMS, MMS, and email. Here are the general features of a Text Blast:

  • Receives and Send Messages: Text blasts are text messages automatically sent to a group of people. Some services are capable of receiving messages. Furthermore, text blasts can send an SMS or MMS message with video or audio attachments.
  • No-Reply to All: You’re the only person who can see your member’s replies. Thus, it gives your target market security and confidentiality.
  • Hidden Phone Numbers: Exclusive information is protected from those who don’t have the right to see it. Thus, only authorized personnel are allowed to access the phone numbers on your list.
  • Schedule Text Blasts: A text message blast is an easy and quick way to get your content in front of potential customers. You can send the message immediately or choose a specific date/time for it.
  • Keywords: To make it easier for members to find your group, you can give them the power of text messaging. They will receive a custom keyword via SMS, and all they need to do is enter this word to join themselves.

What are the Advantages of Text Blast?

  • Direct and Immediate: Text blasts are considered direct and immediate marketing because they are sent to many people right away without making an actual request for the information. Promotions sent by text require no extra download of their content, which means message recipients get to enjoy the promotional opportunity without even having to make an effort or spend time inputting information. 

It also eliminates any chance that spam filters might accidentally block the promotion. Add in the fact that cell phones allow for lightning-fast communication.

  • Increases Customer Engagement: Text blasts are messages sent to customers on their mobile devices. Text blast messages provide an opportunity for you to communicate more personal, customized information in a medium more easily accessed by your customer than email or social media. 
  • Time Efficient: Whether you need to boost sales, cut costs, improve compliance or promote your brand, driving better marketing results is what marketing people strive for. Text Blast campaigns are a way to automate campaigns so that they’re guaranteed to reach an impressive number of prospects.
  • Cost Efficient: Text blasts are an efficient way to get your message in front of a large number of people in a short amount of time. It’s especially cost-efficient when marketing a larger event, convention, or seminar with a specific target audience. Since text blasts are so effective, many marketing firms take this tact at a fraction of the cost of other mediums like TV and Radio Ads.

Is Text Blast Services Safe?

is text blast safe

Yes, they are safe. Text blast services are an easy way to get your intended recipients’ attention quickly and effortlessly. With text blast services, you’ll be able to send out advertisements for your business with just a few clicks of the mouse. This process is very cost-effective and ideal for people who want to reach their target audience more personally.

However, you must be aware of some laws that protect a consumer. Thus, your safest course of action is to find a trustworthy SMS service provider to avoid any misuse of text blasts.    

Is Text Blast Services Free?

No. Text blast services differ from company to company, and there are a few changes that you may incur for this service. The most obvious fee is the price of sending text messages per message sent. Most services offer different price plans for messaging volume, starting with just $30 per month.

What is the Cost of Text Blast?

The cost of text blast may vary depending on your SMS service provider. On average, a text message blast can be sent for less than $30 per month. The cost will vary depending on the number of people in your SMS list and how often you send them messages. Still, most services offer tiers with pricing based on volume.  Thus, it means they’ll start at lower rates  before adding new subscribers or increasing usage rate among existing ones.

What are the Best Text Blast Softwares?

  1. Jooksms – Jooksms Texting is a leading SMS marketing software company with over 70,000 customers, including Stanford University and Aflac. It is opted as the best overall because it provides a comprehensive range of text message marketing solutions for businesses searching for new methods to increase customer interaction.
  1. Slick Text – Matt Baglia, the creator of SlickText, was dissatisfied with the variety of text marketing solutions on the market when he started it in 2012. It expanded to serve more than 70,000 users, including FedEx, ESPN, Lyft, and IHOP.
  1. TextMagic – Dan Houghton, a University of Cambridge mathematics student, developed TextMagic in 2001 while text messaging was beginning to grow. Since then, the firm has expanded to cater to more than 100,000 small company clients worldwide. It is the best for quick setup because it’s designed to allow anybody to send their first text marketing message after minutes of setting up an account.
  1. Textedly – Textedly was founded in 2016 as a low-cost text messaging marketing platform for small businesses. The firm serves thousands of clients, including Walmart, GoDaddy, and Disney, among others. Because it provides a bare-bones set of text message marketing tools to assist companies to get up and running fast, it suits small businesses best.
  1. Trumpia – Trumpia was founded in 2006 and now has over 80 employees and serves over 2,000 clients, including Costco, GM, the Baltimore Ravens, and Goodwill. We chose it as the best for scalability because it offers robust automation, targeting, and enterprise-grade messaging capabilities to assist small companies in growing.

What is the Difference Between Group Texts and Text Blasts?

The difference between group texts and text blasts can be tricky. Group texts are messages that you send to a group of contacts at the same time. A text blast is when you send out one message to everyone on your contact list, but it usually ends up in people’s spam folder, and they don’t see it.

Text blasts also feel like spam and can upset people if done excessively or not labeled appropriately. Group texts, however, give an impression that the sender cares about all contacts equally and respects them enough to include everybody in everything they do.

Is Text Blast and Bulk Text the Same Thing?

Text Blast and Bulk Text are the same in terms of how they work. Text blast refers to an SMS messaging technique that blasts the same message to an entire contact list. Bulk Text refers to automated mobile messages. Usually, promotional offers are sent in batches by phone carriers. However, if you want to send out one promotion or advertisement, then the term text blasts is more widely used.

Mass texting is not illegal, but the government has restricted it to protect consumers. The U.S government’s history of regulating telemarketing practices extends to the TCPA (Telecommunications Act), which was passed in 1991 and amended part of the original Communications Act from 1934.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA): The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed in 1991 to protect consumers from unwanted telephone marketing calls. The act restricts automatic dialing systems, pre recorded messages, and artificial or recorded voices for telemarketing purposes.

The cost of litigation can be prohibitive, even for the most innocent mistakes. The defendant could claim up to $1,500 per text message or phone call- which is nearly $12,000 in monthly fees just on one customer.

You should always ask your customers for written consent before sending them any commercial text messages. The best way is through an opt-in form, traditional paper tape, or even on landing pages of websites where it can be accessed online and submitted by email if preferred.

An alternative option would be obtaining verbal agreement through phone calls to confirm whether they want their information used in this manner – but make sure you get permission.

CAN-SPAM Act: The CAN-SPAM Act was first introduced as an amendment to the TCPA. This legislation intends to control spam emails and pornography sent via email. It was previously not covered in any way by law before now due to their nature being unsolicited messages delivered without user consent or permission from sender’s contact information available on record with the recipient company for delivery purposes only. Emails are also considered “spam” and are used primarily for marketing purposes rather than maintaining existing customers through informative content.

The CAN-SPAM Act is a federal law that prevents commercial emails from being sent without your permission. The definition includes messages solicited or emails promoting something in exchange for registration information like names, addresses, and phone numbers.

How to Stop Text Blast?

To stop text blasts, you have options to do so. If you don’t like getting spammed on text, the best thing to do is go into your phone’s preferences in your carrier and put spam filters on. You can turn it off in the settings if you want to receive notifications for this contact in the future.

  • Unsubscribe: If you do not want to receive text blasts from a company, make sure to unsubscribe from their service. All text blast companies have ways for you to get removed from their database. It is the simplest way to unsubscribe from a text blast.
  • Blocking: Most mobile services provide the option of blocking a number. This is typically referenced as ‘Do not Disturb’ or ‘Blocked Contacts.’ Visit your manual section on blocking spam messages before proceeding, as this will avoid any problems with SMS messaging. Locate the voicemail settings and select “Block Anonymous Callers.”
  • Install Applications: Some applications provide a premium SMS service that will block your phone number for a monthly fee, which may be worth it if you’re receiving many calls or texts per day.
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