When you hear the words ?mobile marketing,? you probably think of responsive websites, mobile apps, and intrusive advertising. But if you?re overlooking SMS, there?s a good chance you?re missing out on opportunities to boost sales.

The humble text message remains one of the most effective forms of marketing in the digital age. However, the rise of social media marketing and messaging apps like WhatsApp means many businesses are missing out on the benefits SMS offers.

If you?re not investing in SMS marketing, here are 5 reasons why you are almost certainly missing out.

1. Integrates with Your Wider Marketing Strategy

SMS is an effective form of direct communication that you can use to send personal messages, such as thanking customers for their business or letting them know their products are on the way. Text also integrates well with your other marketing activities.

For example, you could include a link in your SMS to a landing page on your website or remind your targets about an email you sent days earlier. In essence, SMS is an effective tool to drive more leads. And because SMS marketing is perceived as more personal than other forms of advertising, it?s also a good way to boost engagement.

2. Higher Open Rates

The obvious alternative to SMS marketing is email marketing, but emails suffer from low open rates. Text messages, on the other hand, have open rates as high as 82% or even 98%. Messages also tend to get opened fast?83% of millennials open their text messages within 90 seconds.

Whatever the exact stats, the open rate is high compared to email, which averages 24.79%. Part of the reason could be that there is so much less spam sent by SMS.

3. Fast & Reliable Way to Contact Targets

SMS messages are delivered almost instantly, and because the majority of consumers have their phones with them all the time, when you send a text message, there?s a good chance they will see it in seconds. This makes it a perfect channel for time-sensitive offers.

SMS also benefits from better deliverability than email. There are no spam filters or other barriers in the way, so you can send messages with a good chance of knowing they will reach their targets.

4. Cost-Effective

While it costs money to send text messages, this doesn?t compare to sending a physical letter. If you currently using direct mail, you can reach out to your targets with at a fraction of the cost with text messages and boost your return on investment (ROI).

5. High Response Rates

People are more responsive to SMS messages. 29% of recipients respond to texts, and 31% will respond to surveys sent by smartphone, making SMS a fantastic way to carry out research and boost engagement.

This might be because responding to text messages is so easy. For example, you might ask for a simple yes or no response, which is a simple action for your targets to take wherever they are.

Time to Try SMS?

As you can see, SMS has its place in a marketing strategy. If you?re not currently using SMS, think about how you could fit it into your campaigns to boost your open rates, response rates, and sales.

And as a final incentive, remember that fewer competitors are likely to be using text messages, meaning SMS could be an excellent way to stand out from your competition.

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