Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing

Emails and SMS messages are compared very often, especially when it comes to marketing. But in reality these two channels differ significantly from each other and achieve different results in terms of open rates and response rates, etc. 

Both emails and SMSs can be used in your company’s marketing, depending on the goals you want to achieve and the recipients to whom the message will be addressed. We will analyze both email and SMS marketing and show you how to make the most of them. So let’s start!

Email marketing – what’s the drill? 

what is email marketing

Emails have been present in digital marketing for a long time. This should not be at all surprising, since they were one of the first forms of online communication. Despite being around for many years, they are still very effective though. Well-designed email marketing makes it 40 times more likely to acquire new customers than via other popular communication channels. 

Emails are a good way to reach customers in a more customized way than impersonal advertising. Nowadays the majority of the World’s population has access to the Internet, so receiving such a message should not be a problem. Email marketing is extremely versatile. You can inform customers about new products in your store, welcome new customers, or remind them about your brand and encourage them to purchase again. It is also a useful tool for generating feedback. Did you know that as many as 73% of millennials prefer this channel of communication for companies to try reaching them on? These numbers are strong proof that emails still have the power.

What should you consider when it comes to creating an email marketing campaign? Start with the design – it should be coherent with your website. Then content – it would be best if a specialist content creator could make this. Once this is done, send out your emails and monitor the results. The best way to check whether your email marketing is performing well is by A/B testing. 

What are the biggest pros of email marketing?

So you know how email works, but does it have any advantages over SMS. Of course it does! Below you can find some examples.

  1. People tend to check their email inboxes every day. If you get them interested by a proper title, they will open the email and the magic can begin. People like to receive letters, and emails are really nothing more than just online letters. Thanks to emails you can easily interact with potential customers, and it is much easier for you to contact them, encourage them to buy, or to visit your store. Since the recipient is already online, they are just one click away from visiting your website. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?
  2. Email marketing is a low-cost option. It is always a good choice, regardless of whether you are running a global company with a big marketing budget or a small family store with relatively tight finances. Emails will suit both, and produce an incredible ROI. Only $1 invested in email marketing can return $44! It sounds more than promising. 
  3. Emails offer a lot of room for tailored design. You can include pictures, graphics photos, or GIF. As such, it’s not only the words in a message that can encourage people to visit your website. The high-quality design of such emails can really do a lot. What would encourage a customer more than a beautiful photo of a product with a juicy caption? Probably nothing. Using visuals increases the desire to read content by up to 80%! Without a doubt, it is worth taking advantage of visual materials in email messages.

When might you benefit from email marketing?

email marketing benefits

For which industries will email marketing be most profitable? What goals are the easiest to achieve through email marketing? 

Email marketing is best when you want to provide your customers with extensive information, or include some knowledge. Such messages have to be relatively long, which is why email is an appropriate communication channel. The next situation for which email marketing is highly useful is promotions and sales. So, if you’re running a store or restaurant, just send a link to your customers so that all they have to do is click on it to be directed to your website.. 

Emails are also an excellent way to build a sense of exclusivity. Appropriate graphic design, language, and personalization are some aspects that must be taken care of to make the customer feel truly valued. If you want to build a community or gain feedback, you should also choose this communication channel. It gives an opportunity to show off when it comes to the number of allowed characters in a message. Or, if you want to collect feedback by running a survey for example, then sending a link via email is not a problem. Such methods come in handy, especially if your business provides services to customers.

So now let’s have a closer look at SMS marketing.

SMS marketing – how does it work?

Since the average American checks their phone around 300 times per day, SMS messaging provides a great marketing opportunity. 

how sms marketing works

These days, phones are devices that most people cannot imagine their lives without. They allow us to be in constant contact with the World and one another. So how does SMS marketing work – does it allow you to be in constant contact with a customer? Well, yes and no. For this to work, the customer must first agree to be part of your company’s SMS campaigns. Once they do, you can start sending them periodic messages. Thanks to SMS, you can both inform about changes in an order status, and also notify about new products or sales, etc. But remember, text messages have character limitations – you must squeeze the SMS down into 160 characters or fewer.

How to start SMS campaigns? After all, you are not going to send every customer a message manually. So find a piece of SMS software that will do this for you. JookSMS has many options that come in handy when starting out with SMS campaigns. First, they provide short code numbers, which look better and are more convenient than full-length phone digits. You can also schedule messages and add tags to them. Furthemore, JookSMS allows for bulk sending – an option that, without which, SMS marketing would be challenging to manage.

Why is SMS marketing so good?

Undoubtedly, SMS marketing has many advantages. After all, it utilises one of the devices that people usually have with them all day and all night long. Why is it worth investing in such a solution?

  1. Without a doubt, it can be said that SMS is one of the fastest ways to reach customers. Most of us would admit that whenever we hear a message sound, we check our mobiles. There is a reason why the open rate for SMS is 98%, whereas for emails it only reaches 20%. Similarly, the response rate for text messages is a much larger 45% than the 6% for emails.
  2. SMS generates notifications. When a text pops up on screen, we basically check what it says automatically. 90% of text messages are read in less than 3 minutes. If you get a client interested in the very beginning of your SMS, it’s half the battle for them to open the message and read it fully. This shows how much advantage SMS has over emails that can easily be sent to spam and never get read, or calls that a client can simply ignore. These problems don’t occur with text messaging.
  3. To make the most of SMS campaigns, an internet connection is not required. This is quite the opposite of email marketing. Your customers will receive messages, no matter if they are online or not. They just need to have their mobile turned on – and we all know that pretty much everybody who has a mobile tends to keep it turned on all the time. 

Benefits of SMS marketing – what, and for who, are they?


As in the case of email marketing, there are industries that SMS marketing suits better. It is a similar situation with company goals. Here are some examples. 

Firstly, appointment reminders. That is why doctors, hairdressers, and beauty salons, to name a few examples, should be interested in this topic. The client doesn’t even have to read the entire message for it to do its job, which is to be a reminder.

Another task that SMS achieves flawlessly is keeping customers in the loop. Short, concise messages are perfect for this purpose. It is similar to providing information about, e.g., the end of a sale. This is a kind of message that cannot sit in a mailbox waiting to be opened.

There is no time to waste. SMS is the best way to get an immediate response from a client, i.e., encouraging them to visit your store and do some sales shopping. It is also a great way to provide personalized information, such as informing a customer that an item they have expressed an interest in is back in stock. If the client has agreed to receive this type of notification, time is meaningful in this situation. And SMS is the easiest and fastest way to inform the customer that they shouldn’t wait any longer. 

How can SMS marketing be better than email marketing?

Why do some marketers consider SMS marketing as the better of the two options? Below you can read some of the arguments:

  • Has a higher open. rate 
  • Higher response rate.
  • Higher CTR
  • No internet connection needed.
  • Higher deliverability.
  • More chance of standing out in a crowded inbox (an average person receive over 100 emails per day).
  • Ability to send links via SMS too.
  • geotargeting.

So if you opt for SMS marketing, we can easily see why – there are plenty of reasons to do so. 


As you can see, there is no definitive answer to whether email or SMS marketing is better. It all depends on your needs, goals, and the industry in which you operate. 

After reading this article, you should now have an overview of both options and know which situations suit emails and when it is better to go with SMS. Neither of the above solutions are by any means perfect, but one of them can definitely bring you greater benefits. And what about combining the two? There are no boundaries – do whatever brings you the biggest profits. 

So are you team email, team SMS, or maybe on both sides?

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