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The end of the year is extremely intense for both online and brick and mortar stores. It starts with mid-season sales, then Black Friday and Blue Monday, before customers feel the spirit of the upcoming Christmas and start looking for gifts for their loved ones. It is said that even 30% of all retail sales take place during the period of the year between Black Friday and Christmas.

Black Friday is getting closer and closer. Each year, marketing teams try to outdo previous ideas about how to surprise customers. At the same time, they want to reassure clients that this is the store where they will save the most money and find what they are looking for. 

SMS campaigns are running the marketing world. Why? Text messages have up to 209% higher response rates than e.g. emails, which rightly sounds huge. So now you are probably wondering how to stand out from the crowd of marketing messages and make customers interested in your offer. Black Friday marketing needs to be incredibly creative and surprising. We have some ideas for an effective Black Friday SMS campaign. Ready for a dose of inspiration?

Take value first

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On Black Friday, people want to save both time and money. When communicating with customers, you need to indicate how much you will make shopping more comfortable and quicker for them. This could be done, for example, through particular tabs that collect present ideas, i.e. Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Grandpa, Gifts for Son.  Another method is to divide products according to the price discount offered, i.e. -20% products collected in one tab and -40% gathered in another.

It is also a good idea to emphasize that your clients are buying not only the product, but also added value. For example, they are paying for increased  satisfaction or saving time. Most customers buy certain products for a specific purpose or value, and this is what should be highlighted in an SMS message if you want it to be effective. 

Send right on time 

The timing of SMS delivery is of great importance to the success of your campaign. Suppose you send such a message at around 8 a.m. This is the time when most people are either getting ready to go to work or are in a rush to get there. Some may have already started work. In each of these cases, customers will not have time to read the text message, and even if they do, they will not have time to make a purchase.

So what is the best time to send a marketing SMS? When your customers are most likely to have time to follow your invitation. During the working week, this is between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m, when employees may find some time on their lunch breaks. You could try to send a message later, depending on how the typical workday is in your country and for customers of your industry. When it comes to weekends, the best time is between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Even though people generally have the chance to look at their mobiles for most of this period, you need to be sure that you grab their attention and encourage them to visit your store. And they have time to do so.

You might be surprised, but the time of year is also important!

Well, sending an SMS about Black Friday in July makes no sense, right? It is similar to sending such an SMS actually during Black Friday, by which time it would be so late as to be pointless. So when to start your SMS campaign?

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, customers’ mobiles tend to hardly ever go silent – text messages, emails, and app notifications all pop up constantly, while everyone receives invites via all possible channels. So what to do in order to break through? Don’t take part in this race and… start earlier. We are not talking about a few months in advance, but just a week before others, let’s say.

Analyze what the previous year looked like and when your competitors took their first steps towards Black Friday marketing, and start yours a week earlier than that this year. Encourage your customers to visit your store, take a look at the assortment of offers, and add some products to their wish lists. This way, on Black Friday itself, they will only have to add these products to the cart and pay. Shopping done. Isn’t that a great way to save time? And yet this is also what customers are looking for during this crazy shopping time.

Make it urgent 

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Did you know that for the average person it takes up to 90 seconds to respond to an SMS? Compared to emails, which have an average response time of 90 minutes, it is a great score. So it looks like text messages are still the most often read communication. Why make it seem more urgent? Because your customers can’t respond to you personally. The only response they can make to an SMS is to visit your store, and this is not as simple as writing OK and clicking Send.

Creating a sense of urgency makes your customers take action to avoid the fear of missing out. In the text of your message, include phrases such as: hurry up, promo alert, or promotion is about to end. Be sure to add a link following a click here instruction. Remember to shorten your links by using Jooksms URL shortener, for example. If you paste the entire link, it will most likely take up 90% of the whole SMS, besides the fact that long links with an incomprehensible cluster of characters don’t look attractive.

Create a personal message

Choose personalization. When everyone is sending messages to your client, using their first name will help you stand out from the crowd! In fact, 80% of customers are more likely to buy products from a brand that has delivered personalized communication. If this is a customer who often purchases from you, you may already have plenty of information about their shopping preferences and history. Thanks to such info, you can send an even more customized message. 

But remember, don’t overdo it. Nobody wants to feel stalked. You can send your customers a link to a specific promotion based on their purchase history or wish list. This will undoubtedly make it easier for them to shop quickly and perhaps remind them about items that they were already planning to buy in your store.

Invest in a good, tested tool 

All the above aspects can be easily covered thanks to an SMS marketing tool. One of them is Jook SMS, which helps handle text message campaigns in the best possible way. It offers the ability to schedule texts in advance so that you can focus on other aspects of your Black Friday promotion. Another big plus point is that you will have access to all relevant stats and analytics, which will be beneficial for next year’s preparation. And there is a free trial available if you want to check it out before making a purchase. 

Appreciate the most loyal customers 

Show that it pays off to be your customer. Let those customers who most often visit your store (and make purchases) be notified about promotions earlier than others, or send them a special code that allows them to make purchases with even greater discounts than are normally available. This way, you will build stronger bonds with your most valuable clients. Such an SMS should give a sense of uniqueness and should contain more than just the customer’s name. Bet on more personalization. For example, “Dear Tom, we are glad that you have been with us for two years! …” Believe us that you will score some points in the eyes of such a loyal client. In the end, everyone likes to feel special, so provide this experience with a simple yet customized SMS.

🎁To wrap up 

SMS marketing is undoubtedly one of the best methods of reaching potential customers. During busy periods of the year, it is worth focusing on unusual solutions. The competition never sleeps, and consumers have limited funds. It is impossible for them to shop in every store that has sent notifications about Black Friday promotions, so do your best to catch every customer’s attention. By implementing the above tips, your Black Friday promotional SMS should be more successful this year than ever before. 

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