60 sms stats you need to know

SMS marketing nowadays needs to be increasingly more creative in order to interest customers. There is fierce competition out there, so if you want to make profit from this kind of marketing then you need to take care of your clients more than ever before. In this article you’ll find 60 SMS Marketing stats that might help you to better understand your customers, which is half of the battle.

This list may also convince you that it is worth starting an SMS campaign as part of your strategy. Ready for some numbers?

General and marketing SMS Stats

Marketing SMS Stats

Let’s start with some introductory information about mobile phones and SMS marketing, just to gain some solid background knowledge before we dive into more details. Is SMS marketing popular? Do clients read text messages from brands? Let’s find out.

  1. It is predicted that by 2021 the number of smartphone users will reach 3.8 billion. (Statista)
  2.  About 18.7 billion SMS messages are sent worldwide every day (not including apps). (Medium)
  3. SMS open rates are as high as 98%. (Campaign Monitor)
  4. 15,220,700 SMS messages were sent every minute worldwide in the year 2017. (Domo)
  5. 97% of users text regularly. (Pew Research Center)
  6. 90% of people read an SMS within 3 minutes of receiving it. (VentureBeat)
  7. 75% of people admitted that they would be happy to receive an SMS with an offer or promotional materials. (Digital Magazine)
  8. Between the years 2015 and 2017, SMS marketing grew by 92% for B2Cs and 197% for B2Bs. (Salesforce)
  9. The response rate of SMS marketing is 45%. (Marketing Profs)
  10. Texts are read in an average time of 5 seconds. (Pewreserach)
  11. People aged 18–24 send and receive about 128 SMS messages every day. (Medium)
  12. 80% of people use text messages for business purposes (Semaphore)
  13. 75% of Millennials prefer SMS as a channel of brand promotion, deliveries and surveys. (Mobile Marketing Watch)
  14. Almost 80% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a brand if it runs SMS campaigns. (Reblandly)
  15. Adults older than 55 receive and send only 16 texts per day. (Medium)
  16. Only 30% of consumers claim that they receive texts from companies they support. (Podium)
  17. About 60% of marketers still don’t use SMS marketing. (Mike Gingerich Blog)
  18. An average adult spends 23 hours per week on texting. (Medium)

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing Stats

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing Stats

Text messages are often compared with emails, especially in the case of marketing communication. But which one is a better option? Below you can find some proof that SMS is winning this contest without doubt.

  1. SMS marketing lists are over 1,000 times more valuable than those of emails. (Mobile Marketing Watch)
  2. SMS marketing campaigns perform 7 times better than email ones. (Techjury)
  3. The average response time to emails is 90 minutes, whereas for text messages it’s 90 seconds. (Semaphore)
  4. SMS campaigns provide up to 8 times greater engagement than email campaigns. (Aspect)
  5. About half of emails are spam, compared with 10% of text messages. (Techjury)
  6. The average consumer has 192 times more unread emails than text messages. (ZipWhip)
  7. 64% of consumers feel that businesses should contact them via text message more regularly. (Mike Gingerich Blog)
  8. The number 1 communication channel in the UK is email, but SMS messages come 2nd. (Statista)

SMS campaign effectiveness and plans for the future

texting stats

If you are wondering if such campaigns will be effective enough for you, we’re prepared for this question. Here you can find some answers. Starting an SMS campaign can increase your performance in many aspects, including brand awareness, customer loyalty, and more. Still not convinced? Just keep reading.

  1. Half of US consumers make direct purchases after they receive a branded text or discount coupon via SMS. (Aspect)
  2. 28% of Millennials are willing to access loyalty programs via a text link on their mobile. (CodeBroker)
  3. Almost 80% of users rely on an SMS or mobile device service while shopping. (eMarketer)
  4. Almost 30% of businesses believe that text messages sent between 9 a.m. and noon or between noon and 3 p.m. are most effective. (g2)
  5. 31% of consumers admitted that it is important for them to have the ability to choose a communication channel. (ZipWhip)
  6. Coupons delivered via SMS have ten times higher redemption rates than those that are printed. (Blog Jacob Scelevenger)
  7. Since 2015, mobile searches related to same-day shipping have grown over 120%. (Think with Google)
  8. SMS campaigns can reduce customer service costs by up to 95%. (Forester Research)
  9. The ability to choose the frequency of text messages is the most important factor for 10% of consumers. (ZipWhip)
  10. Including SMS messages in the purchasing path increases conversion rates. (Velocify)
  11. Up to 80% of consumers prefer tracking their orders via text after shipping. (Adage)
  12. 20% of marketing leaders plan to use SMS marketing as a part of an upcoming marketing strategy. (Salesforce)
  13. 39% of businesses use some form of text messaging to communicate with their customers. (ZipWhip)
  14. Almost 40% of loyalty program members prefer to receive information about it via a periodic SMS message. (CodeBroker)
  15. 96% of marketers rated mobile welcome SMS messages as very effective, effective, or somewhat effective. (Salesforce)
  16. 67% of consumers believe that text messages are the most effective way to provide delivery updates, followed by order confirmations (64%), appointment reminders (64%), calendar reminders (54%), and promotional coupons (49%). (g2)
  17. SMS marketing can be up to 8 times more engaging than other types of campaigns. (60secondmarketer)

Do consumers like to receive branded text messages?

Stats of sms marketing

Now we know that SMS can be effective as a part of marketing strategy,  how are they regarded in terms of consumers’ personal feelings? Assuming that SMSs work, consumers are optimistic about it. But is this statement true in real life?

  1. 75% of consumers are frustrated when they cannot respond to a text from a brand. (ZipWhip)
  2. Almost 40% of consumers admit that they are more likely to buy products from a brand that sends them a personalized coupon. (Koupon)
  3. 1/3 of consumers revealed that they opted in to a brand’s text messages to have access to more meaningful content. (Salesforce Mobile Behavior Report)
  4. Consumers prefer SMS messages over app notifications. (ZipWhip)
  5. 64% of consumers admitted that they perceive any company contacting them by SMS in a positive light. (Podium)
  6. About half of consumers prefer SMS as a communication channel for support. (Rebrandly)
  7. 43% of consumers admitted that they have proactively texted a business. (ZipWhip)
  8. Nearly 78% of people would like to have a conversation with a business via text messaging. (Medium)
  9. Almost 60% of consumers said that they’ve tried to reply to a missed call via SMS. (ZipWhip)

SMS marketing across different industries

What does SMS marketing look like across various industries? Are there any trends? Let’s find out which industries text messages are the most profitable.

  1. In sales, 9 out of 10 of leads prefer to be texted rather than called. (Franchisehelp)
  2. Over 70% of business experts are more likely to prefer messaging to instant messaging apps and SMS. (Medium)
  3. SMS marketing is used by the largest enterprisers instead of SMEs. (Grand Review Research)
  4. During the sales process, texting a qualified team lead can boost conversions by as much as 100%. (Medium)
  5. Phone texting apps are still the most frequently used type of messaging apps. (ZipWhip)
  6. It is forecasted that by 2025, retail will be the biggest market using SMS marketing. (Grand Review Research)
  7. SMS messages are most frequently used to ask about, schedule or send reminders for appointments. (MarTechToday)
  8. 83% of female consumers are likely to receive text messages with coupons etc., compared to 68% of male consumers. (On reach)

To wrap up

text message marketing statistics

Above you can find a list of stats that prove SMS marketing still holds the power. People are still using SMS on a day to day basis despite numerous newer messaging apps, so it’s worth taking advantage of this fact. If you are interested in starting such a campaign, visit Jook SMS to find out how you can surprise your customers with just one text message.

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