6 Uses of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is mobile marketing that allows organizations to send text messages to clients and prospects. These communications might be anything from promotional deals and discounts to appointment reminders and delivery updates.

SMS Marketing has several benefits over other mobile marketing techniques like email marketing and pushes notifications. SMS messages have a nearly 100% open rate, which means that your audience is far more likely to read your text message than your email (average open rates for emails are around 22%). So, if you want to explore this marketing strategy, here are the common uses, applications, and differences of SMS marketing.

1. SMS Marketing Send Out Promotional Offers.

2. SMS Marketing Reminds Customers to Stay Informed.

3. SMS Marketing Use Interactive Texting to Get Customers’ Feedback on Their Service.

4. SMS Marketing Use Texting to Update Customers on New Products and Even Offers Early Access

5. SMS Marketing Use Texting to Provide Information

6. SMS Marketing Give Clients Immediate Responses When They Need Them

1. SMS Marketing Send Out Promotional Offers.

Promotional SMS marketing strategies pique consumer interest in a product or service. They might include price reductions, coupons, and other special offers.

Coupons and special offers may be a valuable tool for increasing consumers to your business or website, especially when accompanied by a solid call to action (CTA).

Promotional text messages should be clear, concise, and to the point. The CTA should be prominently displayed, and the offer should be attractive enough to entice customers.

2. SMS Marketing Reminds Customers to Stay Informed

Another common use of SMS marketing is sending reminders to customers. It might include appointment reminders, order updates, or other time-sensitive information.

SMS reminders are an excellent way to reduce no-shows and improve customer retention. They’re also a valuable tool for maintaining customer loyalty.

Additionally, an SMS marketing message is also an ideal method of reminding customers that the products they like are back in stock. Send them messages to inform them and encourage them to buy before the products sell out once again. Customers may be interested in additional products while browsing your store, so you can notify them when those items are about to go on sale.

3. SMS Marketing Use Interactive Texting to Get Customers’ Feedback on Their Service

Text message marketing can also be used to collect customer feedback. It can be used to improve your product or service. Customer feedback is a valuable tool for any business, and text messages are an easy way to collect it.

SMS marketing isn’t only used for marketing your products and services. You may also use the channel to acquire valuable consumer feedback or build more reviews for your company.

According to statistics, 57 percent of all local searches are made from mobile devices, making it simple to provide feedback on the same platform.

Customers are more likely to click on a link if you send them an SMS text survey or a review request via SMS. When creating your message, don’t forget to use helpful SMS templates for requesting reviews.

4. SMS Marketing Use Texting to Update Customers on New Products and Even Offers Early Access

The usage of SMS marketing to announce new product releases is another excellent application. Let your subscribers know as soon as (or before) a new product or service is launched.

It is a fantastic approach to grab people’s attention and entice them to check out what’s new. It may also encourage long-time customers who haven’t yet bought from you to return and look at what you’ve got going on.

You may also try to drive visitors to your website or store by including a link in your SMS campaign. Text “Check out our new arrivals!” and include a link to your website or online store, for example. It can increase traffic and offer potential customers an incentive to come to see what you have to offer.

5. SMS Marketing Use Texting to Provide Information

Another way to use SMS marketing is to send customers informational messages. It might include tips, tutorials, or interesting facts about your product or service.

Another approach to keep client engagement high is to send weekly text messages with company suggestions. It’s best to start with simple communications regarding future events, new goods, and services.

Use news updates to become more personal in your conversion efforts by informing them what’s going on behind the scenes. It also creates a sense of transparency that may be beneficial when customers want to voice their concerns about what is happening.

A pest control firm may suggest avoiding insect infestations, while a plant nursery may provide weekly gardening tips. It can help you develop your company’s reputation as an expert in its area and strengthen your customer relationship.

6. SMS Marketing Give Clients Immediate Responses When They Need Them

You’re establishing a personal connection with your clients by sending them a text message, allowing them to respond, and providing you helpful feedback on your items.

Customer conversations may be used to keep them interested in your brand. They may say how much they like your company, take advantage of a discount to make an immediate purchase, or start a beneficial discussion. To maintain their attention, you should utilize an autoresponder to send quick, personalized follow-up text messages as soon as possible.

Customers don’t have to make a phone call if they want to contact someone. Customers may send a text rather than make a phone call, saving time and being less disruptive to the organization.

What is the most commonly used SMS Marketing?

The most commonly used SMS marketing strategy is sending promotional and transactional messages.

Transactional messages are one-way notifications sent to customers that do not require a response, such as appointment reminders or account updates. Promotional messages, on the other hand, are sent to engage the customer and encourage them to take action, such as redeeming a coupon or making a purchase.

Businesses utilize these SMS marketing strategies to reach more people without the internet. Additionally, text messaging remains the most reliable form of business communication. Statistics show that  98% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes, while the average open rate for emails is 20%.

Why should businesses engage in SMS marketing?

Businesses should engage in SMS marketing because it is a quick and easy way to reach out to customers. It is also a very effective way of building customer relationships.

Robust SMS marketing campaign techniques have a lot to be gained, with over 292 million people in North America using text messaging services. With SMS marketing, customers are instantly reminded, and the brevity of your SMS promotional material ensures that they quickly grasp the main point.

Aside from the fact that more people can read your communications, text messaging has an excellent conversion rate, even compared to other customer communication methods.

When should SMS Marketing be used?

The most acceptable hours for SMS marketing messages are between 8 am and 9 pm. Most businesses utilize SMS marketing to send promotional offers, reminders, and updates. However, it can also be used to get feedback from customers, update them on new products and services, or provide them with information.

SMS is all about quickness. Messages are read an average of three minutes after they arrive. The last-minute reactions to sales offers and events that may be promoted via SMS are the most successful. Send the message on Friday afternoon if you’re having a store opening event on Friday night. If you’re offering a dinner deal at your restaurant, send the message a few hours before dinner time.

SMS timing may be further improved by determining the optimum moment to send a message to a specific person based on their prior contact with your messages. This hyper-targeting goes beyond geography and demographics, personalizing your marketing to get the best outcomes.

Is SMS marketing a success?

Yes, SMS marketing is a success. Even without access to the internet, companies may use SMS marketing to reach a larger audience. SMS marketing delivers exceptionally high read rate minutes of delivery, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.

Not only will most clients read your communications almost immediately, but 45 percent of mobile marketing efforts result in a profitable return on investment.

Is SMS Marketing effective for customers who do not have internet access?

Yes. Businesses can send SMS marketing messages even without an internet connection. This marketing strategy is the best option for markets that are  far from the city or have unreliable internet connections.

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