According to app developers, the majority of enterprises still prefer to use text marketing over mobile apps. So do consumers. As a result, a new trend of SMS chatbots is set to change how businesses interact with customers.

The chatbot explosion in 2016 is gaining traction in the mainstream. More businesses are developing chatbots rather than mobile apps. Essentially, SMS chatbots are a win-win solution for brands and consumers.

Native mobile apps will not be obsolete. However, Nielsen report that although the number of people using apps has increased, the number of apps they use has not changed. The statistics suggest that only a handful of apps will survive.

Subsequently, businesses are looking for solutions. At the moment, SMS chatbots are filling the void because they are easy to build, cost-effective and enable brands to reach customers instantly. Just like SMS really.

What are SMS chatbots?

SMS chatbots work in the same way as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger etc. The only difference is that messenger services use native apps and SMS chatbots use bulk text messaging services.

You can imagine the protocol: the customer sends a text to a dedicated number assigned to an SMS chatbot and businesses deliver an appropriate response in a matter of seconds.

You will probably be familiar with chatbots on websites. SMS chatbots work in exactly the same way. This gives brands the ability to provide a personalized service in an instant. Chatbots are subsequently having a positive influence on key industries.

The key benefit is they are simple to design and develop which means you can concentrate more of your time developing a great service than focusing on content for a dedicated app.

Why use text message chatbots?

It is estimated that around 18.7 billion text messages are sent globally everyday. Over six billion of those come from mobile phone owners in the US. In contrast, Facebook Messenger only has 1.2 billion active users on a global scale.

People are not only using SMS more often, they also prefer to receive text messages from brands than any other communication channel. Subsequently, we have seen a rise in the number of businesses using bulk SMS messaging services to conduct customer services.

SMS is also fast and effective. When you add a chatbot into the equation, the result is an effective communication channel that saves firms time and resources. Customers also receive information they are looking for in an instant; and consumers love this level of convenience.

Companies are even using chatbots to improve internal communications. Reports reveal that employees use chatbots more often than mobile and HR chatbots are being used to inform and train staff to lighten the load for overworked HR departments.

Brands that are ahead of the curve capture the attention of customers. And with powerful tools and excellent customer service, you can improve customer satisfaction and retention. If SMS chatbots are not already on your mind, it is time you started thinking about using them.

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