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Sports handicapping websites have been utilizing SMS (text messages) for years.

SMS (Short Message Service) is one of the best methods to quickly send out notifications. SMS is one of the oldest texting technologies and used by millions of people in their daily lives.

There are a number of reasons why it is the preferred way for businesses to contact customers.

Firstly, SMS is supported by every mobile network and device. As long as a business has a client’s phone number, the business will be able to contact that customer through SMS.

Secondly, since the majority of people are always near their smartphone, SMS is often the best way to contact someone if you want them to notice the message immediately.

Some people may not check their emails everyday, but they definitely check their texts.

Lastly, neither the sender or receiver need to download any third-party software/apps to send or receive a text message. When you weigh these benefits, SMS is perfect for businesses.

How GameAdvisers Utilizes SMS to Communicate with Clients

GameAdvisers is a sports handicapping service with a lot of clients.

These clients sign-up to GameAdvisers to receive AI computer picks, among other features. Since the customers want to bet the AI picks, the company needed a way to communicate with clients.

GameAdvisers allow members to input a phone number to receive text messages.

When a computer pick is released on the GameAdvisers website, everyone that has opted in for the SMS feature will also receive a text message with the details of the wager.

In the sports betting world, the betting odds change fast and frequently.

Because the odds move so frequently, it’s common for the odds (price) to change on one of the AI picks released by GameAdvisers. To ensure their customers can bet at the same price as the pick advises, GameAdvisers sends out instant real-time text messages to clients that have opted in.

It’s also vital that none of the GameAdvisers clients miss any AI picks.

The only way to ensure this is to offer a variety of different notifications. SMS notifications are ideal because even if a client is at work, on the bus or in the bar, they’ll receive the text message.

Online sportsbooks are all responsive nowadays as well. So, when a client of GameAdvisers gets a text message through SMS, they can place the bet instantly with their bookie on their smartphone.

There are other benefits to utilizing SMS as well.

If the GameAdvisers website has server issues, clients of the service can be notified by SMS. It’s also a great tool for sending out special promotions and other deals throughout the year.

GameAdvisers has been testing both emails and SMS. Based on the data they’ve accumulated, it’s clear that text messages have a much higher opening rate than emails.

Not only that, but GameAdvisers members open up text messages a lot quicker than emails.

When every second counts in the sports betting industry, getting the information your clients need in front of them as quickly and efficiently as possible, is more important than anything else.

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