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This is the season to be shopping. And that means businesses need to get your marketing strategy airtight to increase your sales over Christmas, here´s a gesture of goodwill: SMS messsages gives you plenty of opportunities to get your heartfelt messages in front of shoppers.

SMS cuts through the cacophony of noise on the internet and the High-Street. Using text message marketing enables you to communicate directly with your customers, and because over 90% of messages are read within 15-minutes of receipt you can be assured more people will see your offer.

As we head into the home straight, retailers should be looking for ways to capitalize on the last minute dash that is associated with this time of year. Who doesn´t leave their Christmas shopping until the last week?

Choice of Christmas Gift Vouchers

A report published by Deloitte indicates that 48% of shoppers prefer gift vouchers as a loyalty program. Gift vouchers are an ideal incentive that can provide inspiration at Christmas time.

Bear in mind that some people are very difficult to buy gifts for. So rather than sending one voucher, why not send the recipient a selection of vouchers to choose from.

The vouchers should be based on gift ideas and have an expiry date of December 24th.

12 Flash Sales

Discounts are a compelling teaser any time of year, but incentives increase over the festive shopping season. There´s no better time for businesses to promote a flash sale.

To add some Christmas spirit to your sale, why not combine it with the 12 days of Christmas and host a different discount every day. Partridge in a pear tree anyone?

VIP Offers

It´s important to remember that SMS customers are your most precious customers. These are the people that have given you permission to contact them on a personal number with promotional content.

With this in mind, Christmas is a prime time of year to make your customers feel valued, so why not send them a special VIP discount at this special time of year.

When you craft your text message, make sure that you state the offer is exclusive to VIPs only and provide them with a “special code”.

Free Shipping

Free shipping may not be a strategy for everyone, but when you´ve got SMS at your disposal, the technology gives you leverage against your competition.

Retailers that aim to clear the shelves and smash sales targets should use the free shipping strategy for your SMS customers. It´s a key selling point that prompts shoppers to choose you over your competitors.

At the core of the strategy is the offer of free shipping to “SMS customers only”. That makes your existing VIP customers feel they are getting value from your brand – but also prompts other shoppers to sign up to your SMS list. Double-whammy!

Christmas Competition

On the topic of accruing more opt-ins for your SMS program, why not run a Christmas competition and offer a prize. The prize needs to be compelling enough for people to enter, and if it is, you can generate a sizable SMS list to kick off your marketing strategy for 2019.

Last-Minute Discounts

It´s customary for shops to stay open later than usual in the lead up to Christmas, so make those messages worth your time while and attract late-night shoppers into your store with an alluring SMS.

Use text message marketing to offer a discount to your SMS customers when they visit your store in the final hour of the day. If you do this for the entire week or fortnight, you will see your sales register shoot up.

Cards and Coupons

Make use of mobile technology by sending gift cards and coupons for customers to spend in your store via SMS. QR codes are easy to scan and makes shopping for your customers much easier.

Furthermore, if you limit the number of time shoppers have to redeem the coupons, they will suffer from FOMO syndrome and make a beeline for your store.

After Sales Offers

You will need to have good data analysis for this one, but it is possible to match recent purchases with SMS customers.

Having already purchased something in your store, why not send an SMS advertising other items you carry which they may find of interest. Offer a discount and more customers will pay a second visit.

Christmas is a busy time for marketers and shoppers alike – but SMS messages are fast, direct and instant. there isn´t a better marketing tool you can have over the Christmas holidays.

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