Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all types – but especially online businesses. Getting more third-party customer reviews provides social proof that can help persuade people to trust your brand and become customers themselves.

In the digital age, people check customer reviews more than ever, and the opinions of peers hold a lot of sway in the buying process. But getting them can be hard work. Are you finding that no one is leaving you any reviews? If so, here’s what to do about it.

Set Up Profiles on a Few Third-Party Review Sites

There is nothing wrong with including customer reviews on your own website, and they can be especially useful on product pages to give prospective customers that final push.

But you should also set up some profiles on third-party review sites like TrustPilot and TripAdvisor. Because these are not controlled by you, they add another element of trust. They also help to increase your visibility by getting your brand found in more places.

Follow-Up After the Purchase

When you sell a product, follow up afterwards to find out about the customer’s experience and ask them to leave a review. Make it clear that you use feedback to improve your service and don’t try to bribe them for a positive review.

You could do this by sending out an email. Or, even better, send an SMS. Text messages are more personal and they are far more likely to get opened.

How soon you should get in touch depends on the product you sell. If it is something simple, get in touch after a few days. But if it is a product that they need to use for a while to fully experience its quality, get in touch after a week or more.

Make It Easy to Leave Customer Reviews

When you ask for a review, don’t make it hard for your customers. Make it as easy as possible.

Provide links to a few of your preferred review sites so they can simply click a link and leave their view directly. Your customers are more likely to make the effort if you make it easy for them.

Be Helpful and Provide Value

One of the best ways to get more reviews is to simply provide your customers with value on a regular basis. So rather than offering an incentive, send them useful tips like how to use your product and how to make the most of it. You could even send a series of quick tips via SMS over a few days or weeks.

Also make sure that your customer service is excellent. Make it obvious how to get in touch and tell customers you want to help them if they are experiencing any problems.

By doing this, you provide a better experience and your customers will be more likely to leave a review.

Start Getting More Customer Reviews

Reviews are such an important part of running a successful online business, especially if you sell products online. Your target customers will want to read the opinions of other customers before making up their own minds, so make sure you provide easy access to customer reviews.

And don’t worry about picking up the odd negative review. This is normal and it would seem strange (and possibly fake) if you only had 5-star reviews. So start putting steps in place to build more customer reviews, and take advantage of the benefits they bring.

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