Attending events are a great way for your business to increase brand awareness. You can generate buzz, pitch your brand in front of new audiences, and build sentiment.

If there’s a business event or festival being held near you, take advantage of the opportunities it can offer. Setting up a stand at a local sporting event or trade show presents you with a great opportunity to raise brand awareness. 

But if you are planning to attend an event make sure you’re prepared to take advantage in advance. Here are some tips to improve your chances of success for raising awareness.

Choose the Right Event

You need to make sure the event you attend is right for your business. For example, if you want to book a pitch at a festival, do extensive research first. 

Within the course of a year, there are many festivals to choose from. Ideally you need to be attending a festival that is in your budget but will still give you sufficient exposure to your target audience – and preferably an audience with buyer intent. 

If you attend a trade show or industry event, spend time researching the potential events to make sure you choose the right one. Meaning one that will be worth the time and money you will invest.

Generate Buzz

Once you have confirmed your place exhibiting at an event, spread the word and generate buzz. Use social media networks and publish a blog post to give your customers more information about the event. 

You could also send notifications to customers that have subscribed to your email list. 

Nearer the time, send a series of SMS to your customers to remind them of the date and time. You can also use SMS through out the day to tell them where they can find your stand, and to announce when demonstrations or other highlights you have organized are about to start.

Your aim is to keep people well informed, and encourage them to stop by at your stall – so give them a reason to visit.

Provide Something Your Audience Will Love

A way to increase it up is by handing out free gifts, this is a great brand awareness exercise. At a festival or trade show, think about the type of event and venue, and offer something that the visitors will find useful for the day.

At an outdoor event, a useful accessory might be a waterproof anorak, or umbrella with your logo on it. Tasty snacks are always a welcome treat, and bags, pens or document holder always come in useful for home and office use.

Find a way to tempt people to visit your stall by providing them with free gifts, and you’ll get more traffic on the day.

Make Your Pitch Stand Out

You don’t want to disappear at the event, so make an effort to stand out and get noticed. Do this by creating a pitch that no one can ignore.

Know what your aim is at the event and use this to direct your planning. If it is purely to promote your brand, a price draw will get people interested, especially if the prize is something everybody wants. 

If you want to promote a new product launch, why not create a fun stand that involves a game, virtual reality experience, or something else that will generate attention and demonstrate the benefits of your product.

Offer incentives via SMS

If you are using SMS to help promote your attendance at the event, why not use it to promote as special offer that gives people an incentive to visit your stall.

The offer could be a discount if they show a particular SMS or coupon code on the day, either buying a product or signing up for a particular service. 

An event-day incentive will not only encourage people to visit the event, but will also draw them to your stall. And when other people ask them their plans for the day, they will mention your brand name – because you’re the reason they are there. 

Increase Brand awareness at Your Next Event

Events can be fantastic ways to promote your brand and build excitement around your products and services. 

Furthermore, exhibitions are a great opportunity to spread the word about your new product launches, generate more interest in your business, and even attract new customers.

Make sure you plan your attendance carefully. Follow these tips, and make the most out of the event by promoting your presence in the run-up and when you are there. The key is to give people a reason to visit.

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