Customers reviews have always been important. For online business they can be a deal maker or a heartbreaker. So you want to reduce negative reviews online as much as possible.

Whether you run an e-commerce store or provide services via your website, you can guarantee that prospects will want to read reviews left by previous customers.

The problem for businesses is that people who are happy with their products often don’t leave feedback, while those who have an axe to grind want to tell everyone about it.

So what can you do to reduce the number of negative reviews on your on your website?

Provide the Best Every Time

It goes without saying, but you really need to ensure you are providing the best products and services. It’s the most obvious point, but also the most important. Your customers are far more likely to leave a negative review if your product or service is not up to scratch.

Make Sure They Know How to Get Help

Many customers may leave a negative review because they could not get access to the help and support they needed. 

Make it very clear when you send out a product or provide a service that you want your customers to have a fantastic experience.

Send an email or text message letting them know their product has been shipped, and remind them you want to hear from them if they have any problems. Provide a number of ways to get in touch via email, phone, social media, and SMS.

Don;t risk customers leaving negative reviews simply because they feel like they have been abandoned.

Be Quick to React on Social Media

Social media is the first place your customers are likely to complain when things go wrong. So you have to be quick to react.

Use a monitoring tool like Hootsuite to constantly scan the web for mentions of your brand or products. When someone leaves a negative comment complaining about your business, make it a priority to respond.

You may be able to resolve the situation right there, or you could take the conversation out of the public domain by encouraging them to call you. If you can solve the problem, they are far less likely to leave you a negative review on a third-party site.

Reach Out Following the Sale

After you have delivered a product or finished providing a service, reach out to your customers. You could send them an email to find out if everything is okay or to ask directly for a review.

Even better, send a text message. SMS is more likely to be opened and read, and it’s also more personal. 

Furthermore, provide a link to a site where they can leave a review, and make it really easy for them to do so. Use a template to get some inspiration.

This will help to get more of the customers who had a positive experience to leave their feedback and outnumber the negative feedback.

Don’t Fear Negative Feedback

Every business hates negative feedback, but it is inevitable. In fact, any business with 100 percent positive feedback looks suspicious.

The aim is to make sure negative feedback makes up only a small part of your online reviews. As long as you have more positive feedback than negative, your brand will earn trust.

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