No matter what type of digital marketing you carry out for your business, boosting your response rates from prospects is hugely important. But what are the factors that will get you replies back from prospects?

Whether you’re asking for feedback or attempting to encourage customers to take advantage of your latest special offer, if no one replies to your messages, your sales take a hit.

Furthermore, you don’t get any feedback that you can use for data analysis. Suffice to say, your digital marketing campaign is not a success.

So how can you ensure that more of your prospects make the effort to reply?

Three Essential Factors to Boost Your Response Rates

1. Give them an easy way to respond

You can only expect people to reply to your messages if you make it really easy for them. Nobody will jump through hoops to reply to a brand. 

The key word to remember here is “frictionless”. You want to create as little friction as possible, and using a very simple call to action (CTA) is one of the best ways to boost your response rate.

If the only way for your prospects to respond to your message is to fill in a large form or call you directly, they are less likely to do so. Ideally, customers want a simple single click action – and modern technology gives you the means to do this.

With a simple text message, your customers can answer with a “YES” or “NO” response. This involves very little effort on their part and is likely to elicit a response – purely because it is frictionless.

2. The promise of a reward

Making it easy to respond is not always a solution that will work on its own. You need to give people a reason to respond.

Consumers want to know that there is something in it for them when they take an action. No matter how easy it may be for them to act, they will still only bother to do so when you provide them with an incentive to respond.

This could be the promise of a special discount, or exclusive access to your VIP club. You might even ask them to enter a competition with the chance of winning an attractive prize.

Just think of all the surveys you have received where you are offered a prize for responding. This is the same technique at work. People are far more likely to make an effort to respond when there is a direct benefit for them rather than just to help you out.

3. An element of urgency

Another way to subtly encourage more people to respond to your messages, whether sent via SMS, email or another channel, is to include an element of urgency.

Urgency is a persuasive tactic that has been used by brands for years. The idea is to encourage prospects to respond quickly before the offer is no longer available. This is a digital marketing tactic that plays on the “fear of missing out” protocol that seems to be imbedded in the human psyche.

It is often the case that when people do not respond immediately, they never respond at all. This is true even if they have the intention of doing so later. People just forget.

You therefore need to be looking for ways to encourage customers to act in the very moment the ad is placed in front of them. Using the “fear of missing out” tactic can boost your response rates considerably.

There are several ways to do this. For example, one digital marketing strategy is to promise a reward to the first 10 people to respond, or by making it clear people will miss out on something amazing if they don’t respond quickly. 

People hate to miss out on something – even when they don’t know what that something is. Curiosity is another strategy you can throw into the mix. 

Just by knowing there is an offer they could miss out on by not responding quickly is sometimes enough to get people to take action. With this tactic, you’re likely to boost your response rates.

Get More Responses Easily

SMS marketing is a powerful tool brands can use to prompt a response. Text messages have a high open rate, and providing your message prompt an immediate response, you can expect to receive a higher response rate.

Try to use at least one of these strategies in your SMS marketing messages. But if you can use all three, your messages will be even more effective.

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