What are the Best SMS Backup Apps

SMS Backup is the process of backing up your text messages from your cell phone to a computer. Users can manually copy your messages from your phone to a computer or by using an SMS backup app.

Backing up your text messages is important for several reasons. First, it provides a way to keep track of your conversations in case you lose your phone or need to retrieve old messages. Second, it can be helpful in resolving disputes with others because it provides evidence of what was said in the text. Finally, if you switch phones, you can easily transfer your old messages to the new phone.

One benefit of SMS backup is it provides a convenient way to store text messages on your computer or online account. It can be helpful if you need to access old messages or if your phone is lost or damaged.

SMS backup services also typically offer some level of security, such as password protection, so that your messages are safe from prying eyes. Additionally, many backup services provide an easy way to restore all of your messages if you ever need to replace your phone.

  1. WAMR 

The WAMR app lets you read any message from WhatsApp or other chat applications, whether the contact who sent it deletes it before you can read it. It implies that if you receive a message and then delete it before you can read it, you may still recover the information and see what was said.

WAMR’s primary feature is that it can save every message you receive, even ones that are deleted before you have a chance to read them.

Another benefit of WAMR is that it will attempt to save any media linked with the message and notify you if the sender deletes it. Pictures, videos, animated gifs, audio, voice notes, and documents can all be recovered.

The drawbacks of utilizing WAMR are that if you don’t have a WiFi connection, your messaging software may not automatically download some media because of your preferences.

The WAMR is available to download at a size of 16 MB. It is compatible with Android version 5.0 and above.

WAMR has been downloaded over ten million times, with a rating of 4.5 stars on the Play Store. According to certain reviews, this software is really excellent; simply ensure that no one is muted or nothing since it captures everything from the moment you get a message.

  1. Recover Deleted Messages Pro

Recover Deleted Messages Pro provides a message restore function for users who want to read deleted messages or recover deleted messages quickly. This app is easy to use and can be very helpful in several situations. Whether you accidentally deleted a message or need to access a message that was deleted long ago, this app makes it easy for you to get the information you need. 

Recover Deleted Messages Pro’s main feature is you may use it to examine deleted communications with one tool. One of the main benefits of Recover Deleted Messages Pro is that it is a free recovery program that you can employ to recover text messages from your phone or SIM card.

One advantage of Recover Deleted Messages is batch deletions on free disk areas are possible using the Shred option. You may also erase files securely through any other program by tapping the Share menu in System and choosing Secure Delete from the drop-down menu.

The size of Recover Deleted Messages Pro is around 6.1 MB. Furthermore, Recover Deleted Messages Pro has over 1,000 active installments and a 4.3 rating from its users.

  1. SMS Backup+

SMS Backup+ is a free, open-source software program that has been maintained since the early days of Android and is ad-free and tracking-free. One of its main features is it backs up your SMS, MMS, and call history to a distinct label in Gmail and Google Calendar.

Furthermore, one unique side of SMS Backup+ is it’s funded through voluntary contributions. You may also restore the backed-up data (except MMS) to your phone, which is particularly beneficial when switching between phones.

One of the main benefits of using SMS Backup+ is it supports Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) with IMAP access. To enable it, go to Gmail -> It’s not simple to locate a program that supports Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) with mapping access. 

In contrast, one of the disadvantages of the SMS Backup+ is its lack of reliability and consistency. According to some evaluations, it may lose messages (especially MMS) and backup in strange ways.

SMS Backup+ has over 60 000 active installations from Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the average rating is only 2.7. According to some reviews, the app was fantastic until Gmail blocked it since it didn’t follow API restrictions. 

SMS Backup+ is available to download for free at 2.1 MB, supporting Android version 2.3 and up. 

  1. Titanium Backup 

Titanium Backup is a program that lets you back up, restore, and freeze (with Pro) your applications + data + Market connections. All of your apps and system applications, as well as external data on your SD card, are backed up.

One of the main features of Titanium Backup is it allows you to do automated and scheduled backups. Backups will run without shutting any programs (Pro). You may move apps (or app data) to/from the SD card. 

The major benefit of Titanium Backup is that it may save the time and effort involved in getting your phone back up and running like it was before if it’s bricked or replaced with a custom ROM.

One of the disadvantages of Titanium Backup is it requires device rooting. Rooting your device means that you are gaining access to the administrative privileges of your device. It can be very helpful if you want to customize your device or install custom ROMs, but it can also be risky because you could end up damaging your device if you make a mistake.

Another disadvantage of Titanium Backup is its free version offers limited features. One of the limitations is the free version does not allow multiple backups.

The size of Titanium Backup when downloaded is 7. 8 MB. Furthermore, the application has over 10 million installations with an average of 4.3 reviews from the Google Play Store.

According to one user, it’s a must-have app for every tech-savvy Android user. It has tons of incredible functions for keeping track of the applications on your phone and more. This app is well worth the money, and I’ll be looking for additional fantastic apps from this developer in the future.

  1. Google Backup 

The Google Backup and Sync app (for personal use and Drive File Stream for businesses) is a replacement for the Windows PC and Mac versions of Google Drive and Photos.

A new folder (named Google Drive) appears on your system when you install Google Backup and Sync. When you copy a file or folder, the files in My Drive (and all of its subdirectories) are copied. The app can sync data from USB drives and SD cards and photos and videos from Google Photos.

One of the main features of Google Backup is it can examine files for sensitive information and prevent anyone not affiliated with your business from seeing them. The app may be used to connect your Bluetooth equipment and devices. It also allows you to sync data from USB drives, SD cards, and Google Photos pictures and videos.

One of its unique features is its affiliation with Google Drive. All of your data is kept on your local computer using Google Backup and Sync. However, Google Drive File Stream stores the files in the cloud rather than on your computer. Backup and Sync is a synced folder, whereas Drive File Stream is similar to an external hard disk that’s stored in the cloud.

One disadvantage of Google Backup is the need to use another device. If you lose your Google Account because of material loss, Android data will be permanently erased from Google Drive and may only be restored on a new device. This implies that in order to retrieve your communications, you’ll need another phone.

Google Backup supports Android OS 6.0 and up at 15 MB. However, the app size may increase as your file increases. Google Play ranks Google Backup as the second grossing app in productivity.

Google Backup has over 8 million reviews with an average of 4.3 stars from its users from Google Play.

  1. Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev.

Jamal Dev’s Delete & Recover Deleted Messages application is the ideal program to recover and backup all of your deleted text messages so you can keep them safe and secure. You may restore or re-backup SMS communications at any time without difficulty.

Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev is designed to be the simplest backup and recovery software, allowing you to simply click the restore button if your text messages are lost.

One of its advantages is it will automatically retrieve your messages from the backup file that contains all of your deleted communications and put them back in your inbox.

The main features of Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev include SMS retrieval, SMS backup, and SMS restoration directly to the inbox.

Suppose you want to back up your SMS conversations. Simply click the backup button, and the software will automatically back up all of your SMS communications into a single file that includes all of your existing contact information, including phone numbers and received dates and save it in your storage so you may retrieve them at any time.

The biggest disadvantage of Backup & Recover is the massive amount of advertisement while using the app. The vast majority of pop-up ads are annoying because they are intrusive and often take up the entire screen. They can also be very difficult to close, which can frustrate users and cause them to lose time.

The size of the application is 5.4MB. With over 1 million installations, Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev gained a good reputation with 4.6 reviews on average. As per the feedback, the app is intended to be the simplest backup and recovery software. If you lose your text messages, you may simply click the restore button. The program will immediately download the backup file containing all your deleted communications and resend them to your inbox.

  1. WhatsDeleted: Recover Deleted Messages

WhatsDeleted is a free program that allows users to recover deleted messages and attachments. This powerful program scans your notifications for any recently deleted items and makes them accessible to you. Whether you accidentally delete a message or someone else does it for you, WhatsDeleted offers a fast and easy solution.

WhatsDeleted’s main benefit is that it aids in the recovery of deleted communications by scanning your notifications. Before you answer the phone, the Caller ID feature tells you who is calling. WhatsDeleted has been designed to work seamlessly in WhatsApp too.

Some of the features of WhatsDeleted: Recover Deleted Messages include Recover Deleted Messages, Get daily call overview, Recover all attachments, In-Built Preview, and Status Downloader.

One of the disadvantages of using WhatsDeleted is the pop-up ads. The free version is not recommended due to a massive amount of advertisement. Additionally, some users experienced difficulty in using WhatsDeleted on other applications.

WhatsDeleted’s application size is 16 MB. It supports Android OS 4.3 and up. Furthermore, WhatsDeleted: Recover Deleted Messages has over 10 million installations with an average of 4.2 reviews from the Google Play Store.

  1. Auto RDM

Auto RDM is software that saves missed calls and pictures by scanning your device notifications for deleted items. 

Some of Auto RDM’s main features include SMS and photo recovery, and it’s a data cleaner app. Auto RDM also includes a data cleaner or duplicate file remover for your smartphone since it allows you to find duplicate files and avoid data duplication. You may clean up your mobile storage by removing duplicate data files.

One of the unique sides of Auto RDM is it’s a secret and unseen chat app that allows you to respond to your pals’ messages without opening the chat. You may read your friends’ communications and communicate anonymously.

The downside to Auto RDM is its inconsistency. In some cases, only the sender’s messages are restored, and there’s no two-way conversation being backed up or restored.

Auto RDM is available for download with a size of 6 MB. It supports Android OS 5.1 and up.

Auto RDM has over 5 million installations with an average of 4.7 reviews from its users from Google Play. Its reviews are quite positive, with users praising its simplicity and usefulness. Auto RDM is an excellent app that is simple to use and offers many useful features.

  1. SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is a tool for backing up (making a copy of) SMS and MMS communications and call logs from your phone. It can also retrieve messages and call histories that have previously been backed up.

The features of SMS Backup and Restore include the possibility to recover SMS or call log backups from previous versions of the applications. It’s also possible to restore all text messages or just specific conversations.

One of the unique aspects of SMS Backup and Restore is that the XML backup may be converted to other file types and displayed on a computer.

In addition to backing up your text messages, SMS Backup and Restore also allows you to conveniently remove all of them. You may make a security copy, safely store it, or get rid of it by simply tapping on your phone’s screen.

The downside of SMS Backup & Restore is that it requires existing backups to restore call logs and messages. It cannot recover anything without existing backups.

The size of SMS Backup & Restore varies on each device. SMS Backup & Restore has over 10 million installations and has an average rating of 4.0 from Google Play. This program has received a lot of positive comments. Users stated that it backed up all of their communications, including my RCS chats, and assisted them in switching messaging programs. The backup/restore is slow, but it functions correctly most of the time.

Why Do You Need to Backup SMS?

You need to backup SMS for the same reasons you need to backup any other type of data on your phone – in case something happens to your phone, and you lose all your data, or in case you have to restore your phone to its factory settings and need to reinstall all your apps and data.

SMS messages can be important pieces of information, especially if they contain passwords or other sensitive information. So it’s a good idea to back them up regularly so you won’t lose them if something happens to your phone.

Furthermore, you need to back up your SMS because they contain important information, such as phone numbers, contact information, and other valuable data. If you lose your phone or if it gets damaged, you will lose all the SMS messages on your phone. By backing up your SMS, you can ensure that you will not lose any important data.

Is SMS Backup Important for SMS Marketing?

Yes, SMS Backup is important for SMS marketing because it allows businesses to keep track of their SMS marketing campaigns and to improve them over time. By keeping track of the number of messages sent, the number of recipients, and the response rate, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make necessary adjustments. 

Additionally, SMS Backup helps businesses maintain a good reputation by keeping a copy of all sent messages. This way, if a customer has a complaint or query about an SMS campaign, the business can easily refer back to the original message for clarification.

Do SMS Marketing Platforms Provide SMS Backup?

Yes, most SMS marketing platforms offer some sort of SMS backup. However, the backup and restore functionality level varies from platform to platform.

Some platforms offer basic backup and restore features. In contrast, others offer more comprehensive options that include the ability to export data in various formats, download messages in bulk, or schedule automated backups. It’s important to review these features before selecting an SMS marketing platform, as they can help ensure your data is safe and secure if something goes wrong.

What to Look for in an SMS Backup Software?

When it comes to selecting an SMS Backup Software, you should pay attention to its dependability and security. If your SMS backup software is not reliable, you may lose messages or data. It may also have security breaches without your permission. Here are some features of a good SMS Backup Software:

  • Ease of use: Ease of use is essential in SMS backup software because it makes the process of backing up your texts simpler and less time-consuming. If you have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use the software, you’re less likely to back up your texts.
  • Backup options: A backup option is important in SMS Backup software because it allows users to save all their text messages onto their computer. It is essential if the user’s phone gets lost or damaged since they will still have access to their old messages. The software should allow you to back up your texts locally and remotely. Additionally, a backup option can also be helpful in exporting messages into other formats, such as PDFs or Word documents.
  • Restore options: When you back up your SMS messages. It lets you choose which messages to restore and where to restore them. It is an important feature because it gives you control over your data. For example, you can choose to restore all of your messages or just a particular set of them. You can also choose to restore them to the same device or a different device. This flexibility is important because it allows you to manage your data in a way that meets your needs.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility is important because not all SMS backup software is created equal. Some may only work with certain phone models or brands, while others may be limited in the amount of data they can back up. It’s crucial to find an SMS backup software that is compatible with your specific device and that can quickly restore your text messages if you ever need them. Otherwise, you may lose valuable data or end up struggling to find a backup solution that works for you.
  • Customer support: Customer support is vital because it can help resolve any queries or issues that users may have while using the software. In addition, customer support can also help users understand the features of the software better and how they can be used to their advantage. 
  • Price: Price is an important consideration when choosing an SMS backup software because you want to ensure that you are getting good value for your money. Features and functionality are also important considerations, but the price is often the determining factor for many people. You want to make sure that the software is affordable and will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

What are the Other Methods to Recover Your Text Messages?

There are several methods for recovering your text messages. While using an SMS Backup Software is one of the most dependable options, here are some other ways to retrieve your text conversations:

  • iCloud: One is iCloud, which is Apple’s cloud-based storage service. If you have an iCloud account and enabled “Messages” on your iPhone, iCloud will back up your SMS and MMS messages to iCloud. Open the iCloud website, log in, and click on “Messages.”
  • Google Drive: If you have backed up your text messages to Google Drive, you can restore them by logging into the Drive app on your phone and clicking on “Settings” in the top left corner. Under “Device backups,” you will see a list of all the devices that have been backed up to your account. To recover text messages from a particular device, click on “Restore.”

External Drive: If you have backed up your texts on your computer or an external drive, you can access them by plugging in your device and opening the backup file.

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