What is click to text

Click to text are buttons that, when clicked, will allow website visitors to send a text message to a specific phone number. The website owner predetermines the visitor’s default message, and the phone number is inputted into the button code.

Customers have become more concerned with how they receive information and what they get out of it. Click to text buttons are a simple way for interested visitors to express their interest by requesting additional information about your services.

To help visitors take action on your page, call-to-text buttons are an excellent alternative to sizeable colorful call-to-action. They’re not intimidating or overwhelming, so they won’t deter people interested in what you have to say.

The Click-to-Text feature is best utilized on a mobile device. If you’re using your phone, give it a shot. You’re setting up your company to improve conversion rates, decrease response time, and create a pleasant customer experience by providing your website visitors with an easy method to start a discussion with you.

There are many benefits of using click-to-text buttons on websites. For businesses, click-to-text can help grow leads, create more opportunities for sales, and improve customer service.

Let’s learn more about using Click to Text and its various benefits.

Why is Click-to-Text Important for Business?

Using Click-to-Text can be very important for businesses. It can help grow leads, create more opportunities for sales, and improve customer service.

There are several methods for your company to utilize SMS marketing including click-to-text features. While each sector uses click-to-text messages differently, here are some helpful hints if you’re unsure where to begin.

  • Include a click-to-text widget on key pages. Customers will buy your widget if they know it is available. Your widget should be on all web pages and prominently advertised on important pages where consumers may have queries, such as the purchasing cart or checkout pages.
  • Make special mention of your texting services, especially if they are unique. 
  • Fast replies should be given importance. Consumers expect immediate responses when they click on chat buttons. They may as well have called or sent an email if you don’t respond promptly. Use sophisticated business text messaging software to manage your texting service. You can quickly set up an auto-reply that tells customers when they can anticipate a response from your staff.

How does Click-to-Text Work?

Click to text buttons are added on websites as a discreet call to action button that, when clicked, will allow website visitors to send a text message to a specific phone number.

When a website visitor clicks on a click to text button, they are taken to a new page where they can input their phone number. Once they enter their phone number, the website visitor’s default message is sent as a text message to the inputted phone number.

With these widgets, customers are encouraged to use a simple feature to connect them with your company. You can increase customer satisfaction and communication by providing click-to-text buttons on your website.

What does a Click to Text Look like?

Click-to-text buttons are designed to be discreet and easy to find on the website. They come in different shapes and sizes but typically look like a small chat bubble or a phone. It looks like a small button with the words “Text Me” or “Send SMS.”

Examples are the following:

  • Text our Sales Team: This click-to-text button is for website visitors who want to get in touch with the sales team.
Text Our Sales Team- click to text
  • Need Help? Text Us: This click-to-text button is designed for website visitors who need help and would like to reach customer service.
Need Help- Text Us - click to text
  • Ask us anything: This click-to-text button is designed for website visitors who have questions they need to be answered.
Ask Us Anything - Click to text

Click to text is now being used in various businesses, from locksmiths to online casinos. If you’re not sure what the best way to add a click to text button to your website is, there are a variety of generators that can help.

What are the Benefits of Using Click-to-Text in Your Website?

There are many benefits of using click-to-text buttons on websites. For businesses, click-to-text can help grow leads, create more opportunities for sales, and improve customer service.

  • Consumers Prefer Text Messaging: Millennials are a vital buying demographic. However, they are not the only ones who prefer to send texts to businesses rather than emailing or phoning them. According to a poll of over 6,000 customers, 66% like interacting with companies through text messaging. For your business, as well as for your consumers’ convenience, texting is a clear winner.
  • Google favors Click-to-text Websites: Google’s algorithm is notoriously secretive, but recent changes suggest that textable companies are favored. Google has released a new plug-in that provides a Click-to-Text button for placing your text-enabled phone number in PPC advertisements.
  • Most Web Traffic Is Mobile: About 50.3 percent of all website traffic was generated by mobile phones in 2017. The proportion increased to 52.2% in 2018, a significant worldwide website traffic growth of 1.9%. Consumers will pick companies that give a mobile-optimized online experience over those that don’t.
  • Keep a log of all customer demands: Don’t get us wrong; phone conversations aren’t always terrible. We propose that you include a click-to-call and a Click-to-Text link on your website.

However, there are several advantages to texting over phoning. One of these is that you may keep a handy log of all your consumer support inquiries using texts. Our business texting platform allows you to set up call templates, make notes, and categorize conversations so that you never have to duplicate the same message twice.

How to Add Click-to-Text to Your Website

With a click-to-text-button generator, it takes only a few minutes to include Click-to-Text on your website. Here are the three simple actions you must complete.

1. Get a Text-Enabled Number

Even if you’re a small company, it’s not feasible to use your phone for customer support mainly because inexpensive and straightforward alternatives are available.

You can send and receive SMS text messages from a 10-digit local or toll-free number with an SMS marketing platform that provides click-to-text functionality. Your phone calls will continue, and your texts will be routed directly to our platform, which you may access from any web browser or our mobile app for two-way messaging.

2. Use a Click-to-Text-Button Generator

After you’ve created a text-enabled phone number, go to our service provider’s free Click-to-Text button creator. This free tool allows you to generate a personalized Click-to-Text button.

3. Write Your Default Message and Input Your Number

When a user clicks on the Click-to-Text button on your website, their cellphone’s SMS app will launch with a pre-written message and a pre-filled phone number.

This content should be customized to your company or organization. For example, if you’re a charity, you might want your default message to read, “Hi there, I’m interested in getting involved. What open volunteer opportunities do you have?”

A hotel may want to utilize the standard message, “I’d like to make a reservation for X people between the dates of DD/MM and DD/MM,” as an example. Consider what your website visitors would most likely text you about and craft your response accordingly.

4. Customize Your Click-to-Text Button

You may ensure that your button looks consistent with the rest of your website’s design and feel by selecting a color and font that coordinate. Choose a color and font that go well together, then fine-tune the margins, icons, and fonts to ensure that your Click-to-Text button is pixel perfect.

5. Copy and Paste the Piece of Code

Now that you’ve created your default message and modified your design, it’s time to add the Click-to-Text button to your website. Copy the code in the right-hand corner of the tool by clicking “Embed.”

Insert the following code in the footer of the pages on which you want your button to appear. If you’re not sure how to do so, here are some helpful links:

If you’re using another website builder not listed here, search for instructions on how to add custom code to your site. And that’s it! You’ve now successfully added a Click-to-Text button to your website.

Where to Place Click-to-Text Button?

Now that you know how to add a Click-to-Text button to your website, you might wonder where the best place to put it.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding where to place your Click-to-Text button. First, think about what type of website you have and what pages receive the most traffic.

If you have a single-page website, like a landing page or an e-commerce site, the Click-to-Text button should be visible at the top or bottom of the screen so that visitors can easily find it.

If you have a multipage website, like a blog or an online magazine, you might want to consider adding a Click-to-Text button to the sidebar or at the bottom of the page. It will ensure that it’s visible on every page.

What is the Best Click-to-Text Generator?

The best click-to-text generators are easy to use and allow you to customize the design of your button. Here are some platforms that offer excellent click to text generators:

  • JookSMS: JookSMS offers a free Click-to-Text button generator that is easy to use and customize.
  • MightyCall: MightyCall’s click-to-text generator offers a wide range of customization options, making it easy to create a button that matches your website’s design.
  • ClickSend: ClickSend’s click-to-text button generator is easy to use and lets you customize your button’s color, font, and design.
  • Twilio: Twilio’s click-to-text button generator is simple to use and lets you choose from various pre-made designs.
  • ZipWhip: ZipWhip lets you create a fancy text box button with ease with just a few tweaks.

Which Companies Use Click-to-Text Buttons?

Various companies that use SMS marketing including click-to-text features on their websites for hassle-free communications with their customers. Here are some examples of well-known companies that use click to text buttons on their websites:

  • Uber: Uber uses a click-to-text button on its website so that potential passengers can quickly get in touch with drivers in their area.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb has a click-to-text button on its website so that potential guests can quickly contact hosts.
  • Lyft: Lyft uses a click-to-text button on its website so that potential passengers can get in touch with drivers in their area.
  • Doordash: DoorDash uses a click-to-text button on its website so that customers can contact restaurants for delivery.
  • Instacart: Instacart uses a click-to-text button on its website so that shoppers can quickly get in touch with customer service.
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