This article will discuss 20 sms marketing techniques and strategies that will help make your text messaging campaign stand out.

SMS Marketing techniques and strategies are the best ways to market products and services, promotions, and others through Short-Message-service messaging. It can be an automated text message, a form of one-on-one communication between a business employee and the customer, or a batch of text messages sent to a group of customers who signed up to receive updates from a business. 

Presently, more businesses are opting to use SMS marketing techniques and strategies to reach their customers. With a staggering 95 percent read rate in the first 3 minutes and an almost 98 percent read rate, this form of marketing is fast becoming a norm across all industries. 

Incentives in SMS Marketing Techniques

There are so many benefits that come with the use of SMS marketing for businesses. Here are the top three incentives for using these techniques.

  • Excellent Read Rate – 98% of SMS messages sent are read by the receivers. However, it doesn’t mean that businesses can send anything all the time. Similar to any other form of marketing, too much messaging often turns off customers. To avoid customers from opting out of your SMS marketing, make sure to use text communication with etiquette. Well-versed, well-timed communication encourages customers to engage with your business and continue receiving communication from you. 
  • Preferred Customer Communication – 75% of customers like automated text messages over voice communications because they get the message immediately. It is non-intrusive, and receivers can choose to deal with it now or later. With SMS marketing, you can improve customer relationships and increase loyalty levels among existing customers. 
  • Cost-Effective – Compared to other direct marketing techniques, SMS marketing is much more cost-effective. Compared with telephone and postal communications, businesses can slash expenses by 50 percent while still reaching their customers effectively. With a low one-time investment and minimum maintenance costs, SMS marketing campaigns are the best way for businesses to reach customers using mobile phones.

Importance of Short Messages


The importance of short messages in communication is well appreciated by people across all walks of life. It provides an opportunity for people to stay connected from any place or situation. Communicating via Short Message texts allows you to reach individuals with a mobile phone with efficiency and less costs. 

With the number of cell phone users growing worldwide, SMS marketing is being used more frequently in business communication and has proven effective in reaching potential customers. This is because it provides a fast way for businesses to communicate with many people at once. 

Customers across all segments are getting accustomed to receiving SMS from companies they do business with. SMS marketing campaigns for companies can be customized based on the target customers. It allows companies to deliver text messages that are more relevant and personalized to individual needs, ultimately resulting in improved performance of marketing campaigns. 

Here’s 20 SMS Marketing Techniques and Strategies to apply for your business:

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) 

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) 

A call-to-action (CTA) describes what you want your audience to do next. It’s often used for email newsletters, blog posts, and social media updates. But, is it also important in your SMS marketing technique! SMS is the best way to build fast relationships with your clients and customers, and you can easily do it with a clear call-to-action statement in each text.

Here’s an example of an SMS marketing Call to Action:

Register now for this week’s special event! Call us at 1-800-XXX-XXXX or click here XXXX to learn more!

Integrate MMS for SMS Techniques

Your business doesn’t need to sell everything, just like other companies. Instead, it allows for creativity and flexibility to stand out among your competitors through integrating SMS marketing techniques strategies such as MMS. 

For example, instead of a traditional text advertisement, your business can send customers an MMS of a special deal for that day. Instead of text, you can get even more information over the phone by sending a message in MMS format. 

Encourage Customers for Campaigns

SMS marketing is also an effective method to encourage customers. These campaigns are proven to be successful when they offer something relevant and useful for subscribers. If your business is doing a campaign, ask customers to participate in the campaign by sending an SMS with an easily understandable subject line. It can be a particular discount or a gift if you purchase now. An example of this method is when you give your consumers an incentive to participate in the campaign, they will likely be more willing to do so. 

Urgency Feeling for SMS Marketing Success

A sense of urgency or an urgent tone in your text message is also a critical factor in the success of your SMS Marketing techniques and strategies. It is a common technique used by many companies that has proven to be effective in converting customers.

For example, you can add an expiration date or offer that will expire after a certain time. By using this method, you encourage customers to act fast in order to take advantage of the special offer.

Exclusive Offers from SMS Marketing

Exclusive Offers from SMS Marketing

As mentioned above, giving customers exclusive offers from SMS Marketing or discount is a way to encourage them to participate in your campaigns. This SMS marketing strategy is effective because it will make customers want to spread your SMS marketing campaign to others in their network of friends and acquaintances. It also works if you send exclusive offers to clients and customers via SMS messages. This gives the impression that only they have access to the deal. Again it makes them feel unique and more significant when compared to others who are not offered the SMS marketing technique.

Social Media Hooks

Social Media Hooks can be attached with your SMS marketing techniques. You can include links to your social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, especially if you have an update that you want to share with them. When people are on these sites, they will be reminded of the SMS message they received earlier. 

Example of this Social Media Hook on SMS Marketing is:Check out our week’s special offers! Click here XXXX and follow us on FB to learn more!

Ask Questions to the Audience

Asking questions is a great way to engage your SMS marketing campaign. You can build an SMS marketing campaign that will educate your customers while also promoting your business, especially if you want your SMS messaging service to be resourceful rather than aggressive and generic. 

For example, ask people what products they are looking for or who their favorite celebrities are. Respond to them right away by sending out SMS messages with related information such as the store address and a direct link to your company’s website. 

Perform Polls and Surveys for SMS Marketing

Perform Polls and Surveys for SMS Marketing

Not only do polls generate SMS subscribers, but they also help your SMS marketing campaign remain proactive and engaging. So, don’t be afraid to send out poll questions using SMS messages. It’s a great way to learn more about your customers. But make sure that the SMS questions are short and direct, such as “Where will you be having dinner?” or “Who is your favorite celebrity?”

These SMS marketing strategies are a great way to learn what’s important to your customers. Once you know this, you can help them better by sending out SMS messages that feature products they will find exciting and relevant such as the best restaurants in town or an upcoming movie premiere. 

SMS Messages as Follow up For an Email Campaign

If you have an email campaign, you can follow up with SMS marketing strategies to ensure that your email message is delivered and read. If you have a long list of customers or clients, you should consider arranging SMS messages in the order they signed up for the first time. This way, you will be able to determine if any of the customers have declined to participate in your email campaign.

Example: You can also follow up with SMS messages that feature products or services you might be offering them. This way, they will know how special they are to your business. 

Send the Text at the Right Time

It is best to send the text at the right time for your messages to be read! You can send it either during dinner or after work. Generally, people are more receptive to SMS marketing techniques and strategies when they have just eaten. If you SMS them right after work, avoid sending marketing campaigns that require too much effort, such as placing an order for a product or service. 

For example, wait until the customer has gone home to relax and unwind before sending such SMS messages. 

Importance of Timing for SMS Messages

Importance of Timing for SMS Messages

The importance of timing for SMS Messages will make or break your campaign. You can’t be too pushy or aggressive when using SMS messages as a part of an SMS marketing strategy. Sending messages in moderation and timing plays a significant role in determining the success of your marketing campaign.

It is also essential to know the best time to send out text messages as part of an SMS marketing strategy. People generally respond better when they are not rushed or pressured, so you should avoid sending them a text message that requires too much effort, especially when they have just finished work.

Use Right Engagement Methods for the Audience

The SMS message should be engaging enough for the audience to read it and respond to it. It can be used as a marketing or promotional SMS service that helps connect with your customers. The SMS message should have some interactive features such as polls, surveys, and questionnaires. 

An example of this SMS marketing strategy is:

“Who do you think will win the game? Watch it live over beer and fries here at XXX Restrobar!”

SMS marketing techniques and strategies are crucial and must be taken as seriously as any other marketing strategy.

Preferences of Customers for SMS marketing

There are different preferences on SMS marketing techniques and strategies for customers. Based on SMS and the SMS marketing strategy, some people might not like reading text messages from restaurants, stores, or any other business. 

For example, if you run a Kosher food delivery business, make sure that you are sending it to people who will be interested in your products. 

Use Personalization for Audience

Use Personalization for Audience

Use personalization for Audience in SMS marketing means that you adjust the content of your messages to suit their buying history or choices. It is important in SMS marketing to engage and encourage your audience to check out your site or products. For instance, text messages with common words and SMS language that most people use may not work well with specific people. Therefore, test out your SMS message before sending it and see if it is appropriate for the audience.

Know Thy Customers

It is essential for you to know thy customers and understand their preferences. The SMS message that is sent must be relevant to the audience you are trying to reach for it to be effective. For instance, if you are SMS marketing to customers who love football, send them SMS marketing messages about a new football team or SMS them the latest scores of their favorite teams.

Use Clear Messages

Messages SMS marketing techniques and strategies must be complete with information and easy to read. It should have proper grammar, as SMS is a written form of communication. Consumers don’t have time or patience for SMS messages scattered throughout the SMS message or do not make sense because they are not spelled correctly.

SMS Marketing Examples using clear messages:

“It’s 10 pm, and you are hungry! Order food from our restaurant by SMS right now for a free dessert!” or “Just SMS XXX Restrobar your order, we’ll bring it to you as soon as possible.”  

Use All Media Options Together

SMS marketing techniques and strategies work best when combined with other media options such as television, radio, and newspaper ads. That message that you think is great might not be appropriate for some people, but if they see that message on a billboard or hear it in an advertisement, it might give them a better idea of what you are trying to convey.

An example of this is:

“Click [hyperlink] and Get Your Free Order Today!” or “New Restaurant Opens Tomorrow! Come in for a free dinner and chance to win a free iPad Air 2!”

Focus on Best Converting Clients

If your SMS marketing techniques and strategies are not converting well, try sending it to customers who have a higher chance of buying from you. For instance, try to message people who visited your restaurant before or those that frequently buy products from your online business.

SMS Marketing Examples:

“Love the food here but don’t live near us? SMS us your address, and we’ll deliver it to you!”

Analyze and Iterate for SMS Marketing Success

Analyze and Iterate for SMS Marketing Success

SMS Marketing is an emerging channel of promotion and communication that is becoming popular with many businesses. This platform allows you to be in touch with your customers simultaneously, wherever they are. It’s a fast way to communicate information, and it makes your business convenient and user-friendly.

Think how useful it is for your customers to get up-to-date information, reminders, and offers during their busy day at work or when they’re traveling. It’s a fantastic way for them to feel like you’re right there with them all the time.

Adjust the Tone of the SMS Messages

It is crucial to adjust the tone of the SMS message for it to convey what you want in your SMS marketing strategy. If it’s about selling a product, then this must be reflected in your SMS marketing messages. A formal tone will work for SMS messages that ask for feedback or information retrieval from your customers. If SMS messages intend to sell some products, the SMS tone should be more persuasive and engaging.

If you are sending SMS marketing campaigns for your business, make sure you adjust your SMS message’s tone to fit the situation and context of your product’s promotion. The tone is one critical aspect that will enhance or detract from your SMS marketing campaign.

Adjust the Frequency of the SMS Messages

In SMS marketing, the frequency of the SMS messages also plays a critical role in the success of your business. Keep in mind that this marketing technique is not about sending SMS messages 24/7 to your customers. Like email campaigns and social media posts, SMS messages should be sent when appropriate or effective for you and your business.

Sending SMS messages to your clients every day won’t help you market successfully. Sending SMS marketing messages too often will only make your marketing efforts ineffective. Your customers will feel that the messages are spamming them daily.

Your SMS frequency should match when it is most effective. For instance, increase frequency of messages during a special sale or product release, or remind your customers of your promotions!

What are the Common SMS Marketing Mistakes?

What are the Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

SMS marketing techniques and strategies are practical business communication tools to reach out to customers. However, it would be best to use it appropriately for customers to continue appreciating the messages they receive from you. Here are some of the common SMS marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Failure to Appropriately Obtain Opt-in from Customers

By opting in, your customers give consent for SMS marketing and business communications. This means that they have permitted SMS marketers such as yourself a chance to use SMS marketing techniques and strategies to contact them about your products or services. Businesses that fail to provide proper opt-in for customers may face charges for violating customers’ SMS privacy for several reasons. SMS marketing may be an effective way to keep your customers connected to you, but it’s also easy for them to feel invaded if SMS messages come from someone they don’t know.

Using Inappropriate Language

For any marketing campaign to be truly successful, it is critical to use appropriate marketing techniques. People tend to ignore SMS messages that use inappropriate language, and SMS marketers should avoid using such language. Using SMS marketing techniques in bad taste can lead to the message being ignored or deleted without a second thought.

Sending Too Many Messages

SMS marketing strategy is useful only when it is not overdone or done too frequently. Customers don’t like receiving too many messages, especially from a new contact. Sending irrelevant or repetitive messages can be irritating, and the SMS user will either delete the message or block your phone number. It is essential for businesses using SMS Marketing to make sure the messages are relevant to their audience.

SMS Message without a Marketing Strategy

Avoid sending random messages to your customers if it has no marketing strategy in its content. Your message content should always be in line with your overall marketing plan or strategy. A single message can be sent out to many customers; thus, there is a need for you to have a proper SMS marketing strategy to avoid making an error and ensure that your efforts come up with excellent results.

Sending Links to A Website That is Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

Using SMS marketing that includes links to websites works best if the website can be viewed on mobile phones. If your SMS marketing message sends customers to a website that cannot be viewed easily in SMS, then you can lose out on a lot of potential sales and loyalty from this SMS message. Make sure that the landing page has a clear call-to-action, excellent content, and minimal distractions. These are critical sides to ensure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing.

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