22 Best Text Marketing Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2022

Text marketing is on the rise, and there are tons of blogs out there to help you stay on top of the latest trends.

Text messaging (SMS) may send promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes. There are a lot of SMS marketing blogs out there that can show you how to effectively use text messages to distribute promotional campaigns or commercial communications.

However, with so many new blogs being created daily, picking the best ones may be difficult. There is no need to be concerned! We’ve compiled a list of 22 outstanding text marketing blogs to keep you up to date on the newest advances in this fast-paced business. Here are our top choices for this year, based on what we’ve seen so far.


Jooksms has provided text messaging solutions to organizations and businesses worldwide for more than six years. The company offers a text messaging platform that thousands of companies in the United States, Costa Rica, and Panama. Clients rely JookSMS on to enhance business communication with clients in a fast and dependable way.

The company is a respected and user-friendly SMS gateway that may help you communicate with your consumers and employees. Text messaging has an open rate of 98%, so your recipients will see your communications. Sign up for a free trial now to start in minutes.

JookSMS has received positive reviews from several third-party sites, including Techtimes, Capterra, and Product Hunt. Its customer service is second to none, as seen by the many testimonials from current and past clients.

JookSMS Blog is informative, well-written, and up-to-date with the latest text marketing trends. It assists businesses in learning more about how SMS marketing can help them develop their business and show the many features that our software has to offer.

Presently, there are more than 200 blog posts about topics on SMS marketing strategies, tips, and best practices. Readers can expect to find one or two new blog posts per week. The list of articles is growing with more comprehensive and valuable insights all the time, so be sure to check it out!



Tatango is a text marketing company that has been around since 2007. The company is based in Seattle, Washington, US. They provide a text message marketing platform for small businesses, churches, schools, and nonprofits.

They are a leading provider of text marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company offers a variety of text marketing tools to help companies connect with customers via SMS, such as bulk texting, automated texting, two-way texting, and SMS marketing.

The Tatango Blog is a blog that promotes mobile marketing for businesses and provides SMS, MMS, and RCS mobile marketing suggestions and ideas for marketers to plan, launch, and assess their mobile communication campaigns. At the Tatango Blog, readers may anticipate one article each week.



SlickText is a text messaging marketing platform with over four million users. It allows users to communicate with customers through bulk SMS, one-to-one SMS, and automated texting.

The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Austin, Texas, US. They offer a simple solution that includes no hidden fees or contracts. You can start for free and only pay for the messages you send.

SlickText has a blog updated once a month with new articles about topics ranging from text message marketing to customer service. The company also has a resource center that offers whitepapers, templates, and ebooks to help users start text marketing.



SimpleTexting is a US-based text messaging platform that offers users the opportunity to communicate with customers through bulk SMS, one-to-one SMS, and automated texting. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Miami Beach, Florida. They offer a simple solution that includes no hidden fees or contracts. You can start for free and only pay for the messages you send.

SimpleTexting has a blog updated twice a week with new articles about text message marketing, customer service, and event planning. The company also offers a resource center that includes whitepapers, templates, and ebooks to help users start text marketing.



Textedly is a text messaging platform that help businesses manage their SMS marketing campaign and services. It includes helpful features such as bulk SMS, one-to-one texting, and automated texting.

Textedly was founded in 2015 and is based in Los Angeles, California. Their services include the ability to send an unlimited number of texts for free until you hit your first 10,000 subscribers.

Textedly has a blog updated every week with new articles on themes such as advertising, promotion, announcements, and engaging with your audience via Text Messaging. To obtain all of the advice and techniques for SMS marketing, follow this link.



Founded in 2007, FireText has become an award-winning company that offers various companies a powerful text marketing platform. They have offices in Surrey, Reigate, and Falmouth, Cornwall. James Huff and Dan Parker head FireText. They have a team of marketing experts, problem solvers, and developers to provide SMS marketing solutions for their clients.

The FireText updates the blog about twice a month with new articles about marketing and advertising using text messaging, voice broadcasting and message broadcasting services, and business intelligence reports.

The company provides real-time information on rates and industry news through its site and helpful tutorials to help users better understand the services offered by the company.

Express Text

Express Text

Founded in 2011 in Illinois, Chicago, Express Text is messaging platform that offers both automated and personalized text messaging solutions for businesses to communicate with their customers/audience through one-to-one SMS, bulk SMS, and automated texting. It has over 50,000 subscribers worldwide who use the services offered to communicate with their customers.

The company updates its blog occasionally with new articles about text message marketing, using text messages for customer service, and how to use text messages for surveys.

Burst SMS Blog

Burst SMS Blog

Founded in 2010, Burst SMS is a text messaging platform that offers users the ability to communicate with customers through bulk SMS, one-to-one SMS, and automated texting. The company headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia.

The firm’s blog aids companies in learning how to use SMS marketing in their operations. Our SMS templates, reminders, and automation services can help you improve your conversion rates.

The company updates its blog regularly with topics on SMS marketing, trends, statistics, and more.

Mobile High 5

Mobile High 5

Mobile High 5 is a blog that helps small businesses harness the power of mobile marketing. They offer advice and tips on developing a mobile strategy, creating effective mobile ads, measuring the success of your campaigns, and using location-based services.

The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

It updates the site with new articles about SMS marketing, mobile advertising, and marketing strategies, mobile marketing tools, and other news regarding the text messaging industry.



ProTexting is a text message marketing service best suited for businesses of all sizes. The company has clients from various industries who use their automated texting, bulk SMS and one-to-one messaging services for marketing purposes.

The company was founded in 2011 and is based in New York City, New York. They offer a 30-day free trial to all new users.

They update the blog with new articles about text message marketing, text messages for customer service, tips, and other helpful advice to apply SMS marketing in businesses.



SMSBump is founded in 2017 in Sofia, Bucharest. It is a text messaging platform that enables companies to send text messages from their website or iOS mobile apps. The service uses push notifications that allow users to opt-out of the marketing messages whenever they choose.

SMSBump often posts articles about how to use SMS marketing for businesses. Additionally, there are also hacks, trends, and tips on how SMS messaging can improve customer service or conduct surveys.


Bulk 24 SMS.

Bulk24SMS is a text message marketing service that enables companies to send SMS messages to their customers through an easy-to-use web interface. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Bulk24SMS is a leading provider of bulk SMS services delivering custom services with a direct connection to the telecom carrier. It’s sent to people all over the country and across borders. We pledged to give the best possible quality in mobile messaging and Voice SMS.

Bulk24SMS blog tackles topics on text message marketing, bulk SMS services, Voice SMS, and more. They update the blog monthly with fresh content on customer service. They also have tips on how SMS messaging can improve customer service or conduct surveys.



This text message marketing company helps businesses send text messages to their customers for marketing purposes. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Bangalore, India.

Their blog discusses topics about SMS programs and solutions. You will also read about SMS messaging strategies and tips for businesses.

Presently the blog is not regularly updated, and the company as one post in the last year.


Betwext is a text message marketing company that helps businesses send text messages to their customers for marketing purposes. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Betwext is a technology company that creates and manages web-based applications to deliver various SMS marketing services to consumers and businesses.

The Betwext blog contains posts about how SMS Marketing can increase customer engagement, boost sales, and more. They also offer tips on how to create and design effective SMS campaigns.


Based in San Francisco, California, US, Rebrandly was founded in 2018. It is a simple and effective way to manage, organize and discover branded links. The platform allows users to create custom URLs that can be used to redirect their online marketing campaigns.

The company also created a blog for new articles about text message marketing, mobile advertising, and marketing strategies, and other news regarding the text messaging industry. However, the blog has not been updated in the last two years.

Local Text Marketers

Local Text Marketers is an all-Canadian SMS/text message marketing business located in the Quinte West region of Eastern Ontario.

Paul Crane, the founder of Local Text Marketers, began his career as a copywriter for Ford and General Motors. After more than a year of development, the company debuted its first service (Broadcast SMS) in 2013.

The company aims to collaborate with businesses and organizations of all sizes to provide solutions that assist communities, social services, employment agencies, and youth outreach in communicating more efficiently.

Local Text Marketers has a blog that discusses the benefits and advantages of SMS marketing for businesses. There are also tips and trends on implementing campaigns in Canada while sticking to the laws.

Mobile Marketing Watch

The Los Angeles-based mobileStorm owns and manages Mobile Marketing Watch, otherwise known as MMW (because writing “Mobile Marketing Watch” takes way too long).

Mobile Marketing Watch also sells its SaaS solution to corporate clients for email, mobile, and social messaging. They have freelance writers who have complete editorial control over their material and reader interaction. MMW and its contributors write about various themes that touch on all aspects of the mobile world, ranging from advertising to technology to healthcare.

The company runs a blog that discusses essential information about mobile Gaming, mobile Health, retail, and advertising. The blog is currently not updated, but readers may still find helpful information for their businesses.

Marketing Land

Marketing Land is a daily newspaper covering all aspects of the digital marketing world, founded in 2011. It offers news coverage and regular columns about online marketing, including social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing, analytics, and more. Digital marketing professionals utilize popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to interact with customers. 

The publication’s daily news features stories about breaking events, industry developments, feature developments, and product modifications at significant platforms digital marketers use to connect with audiences online.

The Marketing Land website features original articles from the editorial news staff and contributions from subject-matter experts in all digital marketing disciplines, including helpful marketing techniques.


TechCrunch is a leading online publication covering technology topics, news, and analysis. The company was established on June 11, 2005, in San Francisco, California.

This blog is dedicated to examining and analyzing new Internet services and firms closely. In addition to covering new companies, TechCrunch profiles established firms that are making an impact (commercial and cultural) on the internet to bring attention to these businesses.

The website has a section called Crunchbase, a wiki that offers information on Internet companies and people. In addition, it has an area called “TechCrunch TV,” which are video interviews with industry leaders.


Postscript (previously known as “The Email Insider”) is an online email marketing resource founded in 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a Shopify certified app and works with multi-national companies such as Olipop, Brookline, and Homesick.

It’s an eCommerce SMS platform that allows businesses to communicate with customers and interact with them. It will enable consumers to easily create and manage SMS marketing campaigns with metrics so you can increase sales and revenue. It links into eCommerce companies and helps them boost declining email interaction by sending tailored and configurable SMS marketing messages to customers.

The company’s blog provides updated articles on email marketing and SMS marketing and tips on how to improve interactions with customers.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a leading provider of SMS marketing software, founded in 2004 and one of the top SMS marketing software. Our messaging products are considered a top 20 Best Product for Marketers and enable businesses of all sizes to reach and interact with their mobile audiences.

EZ Texting is a Santa Monica-based software company that provides the quickest, simplest, and most dependable connection method. The company is continuously recognized as a Best Place to Work by investors, AB Investor and ROCA Partners.

In 2018, CallFire, founded in 2004, merged all of its brands under the EZ Texting banner.

The company also has a blog that tackles a wide range of topics related to SMS marketing, including tutorials on using the platform, case studies, and news about updates and changes to the platform.


Zipwhip offers software that allows consumers to have more effective text conversations by utilizing their existing phone numbers. It combines direct network connection with simple, out-of-the-box software, allowing businesses of any size to scale two-way text interactions at a large scale.

It was established in Seattle, Washington, in 2007; Twilio now acquires the company. ZipWhip has more than 60,000 customers and is considered the leading text platform for business.

Now their blog offers posts about a variety of topics related to text marketing, such as case studies, how-to guides, and updates about the company and its products.

There are many other resources that you can use to learn text marketing, such as blogs and websites about digital marketing.

What is the Effect of SMS Marketing Blogs on the SMS Marketing Campaigns?

SMS marketing blogs serve as an online resource for businesses and clients to learn and understand the effectiveness of text marketing as a whole.

By reading these blogs, businesses can learn about best practices, tips for campaign creation and management, and general insights about SMS marketing that they may not have otherwise known.

Additionally, many of these blogs offer case studies that provide valuable examples of how other companies have successfully implemented text marketing.

What can you learn from SMS Marketing Blogs about Text Marketing?

SMS marketing blogs offer businesses and clients information on text marketing, how it works, and why it’s beneficial for both consumers and businesses. These blogs also provide tutorials and other practical knowledge that helps companies create effective text campaigns. Exploring text marketing blogs also gives you a wide reference on the SMS marketing glossary. 

While the tone of SMS marketing blogs is generally helpful and informative, they also provide a wry sense of humor, making reading them a more pleasurable experience.

What are the Other Resources to Learn SMS Marketing?

Aside from SMS marketing blogs, there are many other resources that you can use to learn text marketing. These resources include:

You can also search for blog posts about SMS or digital marketing on Google Blog Search or Quora to find more sources and resources.

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