Group Text - Definition, Guide and Benefits

Although SMS is an excellent method to interact with your consumers, it may not be enough in some cases.

What if you need to include a third figure in the discussion? What about a fourth?

Is it better to move your conversation over to a text app like JookSMS or, should you keep it on an email thread?

While those are worthwhile choices, enterprise group text messaging eliminates the need to abandon text messages. Group SMS enables you to send regular text messages to a group of three or more individuals. Each participant has their identifiable phone number, and they can read and respond to messages together as a whole.

We’ll show you how group texting for business works, as well as how to get started with group text messaging.

What is Group Text?

What is Group Text

Group text, also known as group SMS, is a fast and efficient mode of communication that allows your organization to reach out to the masses with just a few clicks.

A group text messaging service allows firms to interact with various people, big and small, at the same time. Share special offers, news, and more within a single text message.

Keeping in mind that text messages are one of the most efficient ways to reach out to others quickly, you may use your phone’s built-in messaging program. However, you can’t utilize your phone’s built-in messaging software unless you want all of your recipients on one thread. That’s where our SMS marketing solution comes in handy.

What is the Purpose of Group Text?

Group text messaging allows organizations to send messages collectively to customers, stakeholders, or other interested parties. The group can be as few as three people and 100 individuals. Your team can communicate in a private chat room with all the app’s features, so there’s no need to abandon SMS.

Group SMS functions like a regular text thread with one added feature. To include more than one contact on the chat, type in your message and select all the contacts you want to join. You can create separate groups based on interest or work tasks so your team will never miss out on anything.

Can Group Text be Used for Marketing Activities?

One-on-one SMS conversations are the norm, and mass text messaging for businesses (SMS campaigns) is sent from one user to many. When people reply to a bulk text message, they aren’t responding to all those who received it; they’re just responding to the sender.

The rules for Group MMS conversations are a little more complex. Group texting is similar to group chats you may find on Slack, WhatsApp, or Apple iMessage. Each group member can read all of it, and everyone sees everyone’s response when someone sends a message.

Bring in people from different channels using group texting applications, such as JookSMS. For instance, you may have an MMS discussion between two SMS users and a chat participant. As long as you have the contact number, they can communicate with the sender without any limits.

Users may integrate group texting into their apps and processes with this capability. A user could use the JookSMS API to add group texting capabilities to a CRM, allowing them to start group text discussions from a chat window rather than their phone.

What are the Features of Group Text?

Features of Group Text

If you want to get the most out of group text messaging for enterprises, you’ll need access to features like message broadcasts, file sharing, and polls.

With JookSMS, you can send unlimited messages at no extra cost. The app uses a credit system where each message costs one credit regardless of length or destination. When you’ve used up your credits, you can purchase more or wait until the next month for an allowance.

Some of the standard features that Group text offer for businesses are listed below.

  • Broadcast messages to users within different groups
  • Create polls for group members with an option to save or email the results once you’re done
  • Attach files of any type so your team can share them
  • Share contacts, so everyone on the thread is easily accessible through a custom contact list
  • Real-time reporting lets you see how many people are engaged with your business

What are the Benefits of Group Text?

There are plenty of benefits to using group text messaging services. If you’re looking to save time on phone calls, this is the answer. Administrators can also control all participants in a chat through reporting tools and logs.

In addition to being a highly interactive and efficient way to communicate, group text messaging can help you achieve different marketing goals. Whether you’re trying to increase awareness or boost sales, here’s how text groups can help.

  • Group texting is an efficient way to communicate with many people at once
  • Gather feedback, input, and ideas from your group quickly and easily
  • Discussions take place in a private chat room, so you won’t have to interrupt workflows and productivity levels.
  • Use polls and surveys to gather information while at the same time encouraging engagement.
  • Boost awareness of your brand by sending out a broadcast to all members of the group
  • Integration can be used in conjunction with other marketing initiatives, such as email newsletters and social media campaigns.
  • Simple – You don’t need any technical or design skills to send a group text message. Short Message Service (SMS) software producers have interfaces that are easy to use and may be used from any Internet-connected device.
  • Inexpensive – Sending a text message to a group is just pennies each. Text messaging has a high return on investment for businesses that use it as part of their overall mobile marketing plan, with the high level of response it generates.
  • Effective – Mobile phones have become one of the most reliable outreach tools for businesses since they are always around.

How Does Group Text Work?

Text messaging systems are usually dependable and straightforward, with a primary, user-friendly interface that may be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and texting software.

It’s simple to start up groups and send out messages or invites. The program scans your phone’s address book for contact entries from saved email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook friends you’re connected with, and other contacts.

One of the most popular applications available is JookSMS. It has a user-friendly interface and custom templates that give your texts a professional look and feel right out of the box.

How to Create and Send a Group Text for Marketing?

Follow these three easy procedures to send a large group text. Collect your contacts, type your message, and then manage your responses!

Step 1: Create a list of phone numbers for your campaign.

There are several strategies to fill your contact list, whether you need to send marketing or instructional text messages.

  • Allow visitors to join your text message list right from your website using customizable web sign-up forms.
  • Have a list of people who have explicitly given you permission to text them and upload their information directly into your SMS marketing platform!
  • Set up a text-to-join keyword that people can use to subscribe to your text list by texting your phone number.

Step 2: Send a Group Text Message with Your SMS or MMS

You may use up to 1,600 characters for MMS group texts! Messages aren’t only restricted to 160 characters. You may also add the following in your group texts or MMS.

  • You can add any image to any message by pasting it in the text field.
  • To get even more attention, use emojis.
  • Higher click-through rate than traditional SMS

Step 3: Examine the Results and Deal with Replies

Is your firm’s group texting approach including two-way messaging? You may respond to individuals right from your inbox using a platform.

  • Track the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking click-through rates.
  • Follow up with leads based on click behavior using link tracking analytics.
  • You can sort and group your replies based on the amount of time they’ve been waiting or the time that has passed. You may also mark conversations as finished, snooze them, and add notes to them.

How to Join a Group Text?

There are three easy ways for customers or subscribers to join a group text.

1. Text your cell phone number to the shortcode provided in the message

2. Text “join” plus an additional word or phrase to your group’s keyword (if you’re using one)

3. Click the link within the message to authenticate your device or enter your subscriber information

How to Leave a Group Text?

If using group texts to communicate with subscribers, it is also essential to include opt-out instructions so that subscribers may leave your sequence at any time. You can customize this messaging to fit your brand voice and include an alternative for customers who do not have the ability to text, such as a phone number where they can be reached by phone or email address.

For example, here are the steps to leave a group text:

1. Send “leave” plus the group name or keyword you are unsubscribing from to your SMS short code number

2. Click the link within the message to authenticate your device, if prompted with one

3. Reply ‘STOP’ to any messages

How to Add Someone to a Group Text?

For businesses using group text and would like to grow their list by adding more subscribers, the steps to add them are:

1. Create a list of phone numbers

2. Enter the SMS short code number

3. Click the ‘Add Members’ icon within the text toolbox or compose your message, then click ‘Select Contacts’ to add members via contacts or manually enter their information by typing or pasting

They will receive a confirmation message from you either via SMS or MMS. Your recipients can also opt-in by sending a message with “join” plus the group’s keyword to a shortcode that you are using.

How to Name a Group Text?

There are unique rules and regulations for every country when it comes to naming your group texts.

Here’s how you can name a group text:

1. From the main menu, go to “Compose” and click on “Text Tools.” You will see several options, such as a subject list and groups. Choose which one you would like to use in your group texts.

2. Click “Text Group” from the compose screen and choose a name for your list that you would like others to use when joining or leaving the text group. You can also add contacts here by importing them from your contact list.

How to Block a Group Text?

It’s essential to provide your subscribers with the ability to opt-out of your group texts. Although you want them to be active, you need to ensure that they do not feel pestered by messages they are not interested in.

Here are the steps to block a group text:

1. Send “block” plus the group name or keyword to your SMS short code number

2. Reply ‘STOP’ to any messages

3. You will receive a text message notification confirming that you’ve opted out of the list

How to Send a Group Text without Showing all the Numbers?

Group texting is beneficial for businesses, brands, and marketers. The ability to connect with your audience is simple and easy by sending text messages to a group of lists of recipients.

Follow these steps below for how to send a Group Text without showing all the numbers:

1. Click “Text Tools” from within the message window

2. Make sure you have checked the box next to “Hide All Numbers” to send the message without showing the numbers

3. Click “Send Now” to send your group text right away

How Many People Can You Text at once Using a Group Texting Service?

Your smartphone and carrier determine the maximum number of recipients. Certain older phones allow you to send up to ten contacts, but some newer models enable you to pick upto 30 people. Group messages are generally delivered as an MMS and must be enabled from the settings.

Meanwhile, there isn’t a limit to sending group texts using SMS marketing platforms. So, there is no specific number of people you can send messages to when using a group text service.

Your carrier and plan determine the maximum number of people you can send an MMS message to.

What are the Best Group Text Apps?

You may need to send a photo of your crazy cat with a large group of individuals simultaneously. Perhaps you’re organizing an event and must provide all the guests with addresses. Group text SMS apps can help you share any information you want in one fell swoop, saving you time and effort otherwise spent on sending it separately.

Some group chat applications go above and beyond with emoticons and drawings, video chatting features, and location sharing so that your pals may locate you. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

  • Whatsapp: an easy-to-use chatting platform that enables you to talk with people all around the world. Because the program works on data and wireless networks rather than sending text messages, your communications are not limited by your network.
  • Tango: With a simple design and an impressive number of emoticons, Tango makes it very easy to have fun while communicating with a group of friends no matter where they are located around the world.
  • WeChat: the program has many features, including group chat rooms with a million individuals from all over the world. You can share your location and add emoticons to your messages.
  • Line: a popular messaging app that allows you to place calls and send texts with anyone in your contact list for free. This app also offers high-quality emoticons and stickers, chat rooms for public and private groups, games, and filters.
  • Viber: This app is similar to Line in that it includes many of the same features, such as calling people for free and sending messages to folks in your contact list. The app also has a “find friends” feature so you can connect with old buddies living in unexpected places.
  • GroupMe: This reliable app allows you to name your group and add contacts. You can use the application to send text messages, photos, GIFs, QuickTime videos, and Spotify songs. There are also voice memos for when you want to record something quickly.

What are the Platforms for Group Text?

Businesses may also use SMS messaging platforms to send group text messages that are marketing or transactional. Some of the most popular platforms allow users to use accounts in various formats – for example, phone numbers or email addresses. You can also choose to use a user’s social media details if they have given you access to it.

Other popular tools allow you to add information such as the person’s name and organization when sending messages, which is much like how standard email works.

Our top choices of platforms for group text are listed below.

  • JookSMS: This platform enables you to send messages using phone numbers or email addresses. You can also use an existing contact list to include contacts in your group text message. They also have various SMS Services to help your business provide efficient communication. 
  • Klaviyo: Similar to JookSMS, Klavio offers delivery reports for SMS messages so you can track whether or not the recipient has received the text message. You can also send group messages, encrypt messages on your server, and save attachments with notes.
  • Textedly: This platform allows you to send group text messages, schedule when these texts will be sent, and track whether your message was read, forwarded, or printed.
  • Twilio: This is a popular platform that provides you with tools for setting up phone numbers, sending text messages using phone numbers or email addresses, and managing contacts.
  • Grouptexting: This is a software-as-a-service platform where you can choose to send SMS messages through the cloud or have the messaging application on your server.
  • GroupMe: This is a good choice if you want to “name” your group and add contacts. You can also use the app to send photos, videos, voice memos, GIFs, and shopping lists.

How can a Group Texting Software Help Your Company Success?

Like any other services provided by SMS messaging platforms, group texting software can help companies with their daily operation while ensuring effective communication with customers.

If your goal is to achieve a higher response rate, reach a broader audience and pursue additional marketing opportunities, group text messaging for business is worth exploring. In these use case examples, the most reliable texting software platforms for business have been serving these industries build more engagement, find more leads, close more deals and improve customer satisfaction:

  1. Restaurants – Create more substantial connections with guests by providing regular discounts on food and drink, mobile coupons, and unique reservations codes during busy periods through group texting.
  2. Churches often send out daily prayers, promote community cohesion, and engage with topics touched on in the sermon.
  3. Campaigns – Generate emergency and media rapid response, mobile polling, operative communications, meetup coordination, mobile petitioning, fundraising, and more.
  4. Schools – Send out campus-wide text alerts emergency notifications, boost club membership, and communicate with members between organizations by sending group texts.
  5. Real Estate – Send group text announcements to house hunters and property owners about updates.
  6. Ecommerce – Manage order shipping notifications, promote a current sale, interact with clients, and advertise new goods.

Is a Group Texting Service Expensive?

There are many benefits of using a group text messaging service, but the price is not one of them. Cost is usually determined by the number of people who receive your message, which can range from $0.05 to more than $5 per person you send it to.

When budgeting for an SMS campaign, be sure to allow for text message fees, which are included in the price of sending group texts.

What are the Best Practices for Group Texting?

Best Practices for Group Texting

The first step is to enable group texting, and now it’s time to start having interesting, high-quality conversations with your audience. Here are a few tips to help improve your group SMS:

  • Make connections: Before proceeding, inform everyone on the group text, which everyone else is. It will minimize any confusion that may arise.
  • Setting expectations: Establishing a clear understanding of what will be discussed in this group texting discussion.
  • It’s essential to respect the timings of your participants. Some people don’t want to get text messages in the morning or night. You may have participants from all across the world.
  • Keep your message brief: Text messages are more likely to be short and to the point. If you’re going on at length in a text, it’s probably best to send it as an email instead.
  • Get approval: Starting a group SMS conversation without permission from all participants is not a good idea.

If you want to learn more about using text messaging services for your business, you should also read our article on SMS Marketing Best Practices

What is the Difference Between Group Messages and Mass Text Messages?

There are differences between group messages and mass text messages. Businesses must know the unique features of each service for you to decide which is the best option for your company.

Here are the differences between group messages and mass text messages.

  • Number of Participants: Group messages involve a small number of participants that will receive your notifications. In comparison, mass text message service involves many people as recipients of your messages.
  • Software use: Group texting requires a unique application or software installed on a mobile device for you to start group text. Some platforms also offer apps that can be installed on a computer. On the other hand, mass text message sending may require that businesses work with an SMS marketing platform to start the service.
  • Price: Different prices depend on the number of texts sent and the per-message charge. The higher the number of text messages sent, the lower is the per-message charge.
  • Number of messages sent: While group texting involves sending a few messages, mass text message service consists of sending multiple texts simultaneously.
  • Internal communication: Group text messaging is primarily used in businesses and organizations to communicate with employees or members. Mass texting also has its use; it is often used in marketing campaigns and other activities to generate awareness and interest for products and services.

So, which one should you use?

Group conversations are ideal if you have a small group of recipients and message them individually. On the other side, mass emails are beneficial when you have a huge list of recipients and wish to communicate with them all at once.

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