According to experts, there’s no better time than right now to get started with your company’s marketing strategy. When it comes to marketing to your clients, they say that timing is everything. Because each marketing channel has its own set of rules, this article will cover a fundamental part of text marketing.

SMS messaging marketing is the most time-critical marketing channel because it is the most direct and personal, making it more likely to be seen as “intrusive” if not handled with care.

After investing so much time and effort in developing your valued customer database, the last thing you want to do is have a consumer unsubscribe from your text list. Don’t let this happen simply because you’ve woken them up to tell them about your morning roast chicken offer.

Before you hit Send, keep in mind these SMS marketing best practices on timing we’ve put together. It should help you decide when and how to contact your consumers with offers.

What is the importance of Timing in SMS Marketing Messages?

It is imperative to pay attention to the timing of your SMS marketing campaign. Sending a lunch special, for example, after the lunch rush, won’t be of any use to you or your customers. You want your message to be sent recently enough that it’s fresh in your customer’s minds, but with enough time for them to act on the message.

Making sure your SMS marketing messages are sent when they will be most effective is crucial to the success of your text messaging campaign.

The bottom line is that a poorly timed marketing campaign may result in minimal income, whereas an appropriately scheduled one may result in a significant return on investment.

How to Time Your SMS Marketing Messages?

Time Your SMS Marketing Messages

If you can’t decide whether or not to send a text marketing message, take heed of these essential tips.

1. Take into Account the Type of Message You are Sending

The timing you choose to deliver a promotional or transactional message will vary based on this type of message. For example, if you’re sending a promotional SMS, sending it while your consumer is in the shopping state of mind is best.

If you only have time for one text message and need to choose between a transactional or promotional one, opt for the latter. Promotional messages must be sent while consumers are still thinking about your brand.

Since you don’t want your promotional SMS to be received as spam, it is best to avoid sending them over the weekend. Additionally, if a time-sensitive message comes through on a Saturday or Sunday, consumers might feel that they were being interrupted at an inconvenient time by the brand.

If you’re going to send transactional messages, you don’t particularly need to worry about timing. These types of texts are usually sent due to a business-related reason (i.e., appointment reminders, order updates, or cancellations) and can be sent at any time.

2. Test Sending Bulk SMS on Different Days of the Week

Start by testing your SMS marketing campaign for a few weeks to see what your customers respond most favorably.

Text messages with promotional content are more likely to be opened on weekdays mid-morning, before noon, and after 5 PM. These slots aren’t the most popular times for receiving texts overall, which is why they’re perfect for testing engagement rates.

Take note of your open rates when sending promotional messages. Suppose you’re using a professional SMS marketing service. In that case, the analytics program should help you determine which types of messages perform best for your audience and what days and times they’re most receptive to getting promotional ones.

3. When Delivering Bulk SMS Messages, Keep Time Zones in Mind

If you plan on delivering bulk SMS messages, you need to keep time zones in mind.

You can avoid many potential problems by building a system that takes this factor into account. If your customers live on the East Coast and work in New York City, they’re going to be unable to respond to your promotional SMS during their 9 AM – 5 PM hours.

So, you might want to test sending text messages in the morning between 9 AM and 11 AM. That way, they’ll probably receive your bulk SMS at a time that works best for them without interrupting their workday.

4. Predetermine Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Finally, it’s essential to plan out your SMS marketing campaign before sending bulk SMS. If you have a drive with recurring messages, like an appointment reminder sequence, you need to know precisely when the messages will be sent. Ideally, you can implement an SMS marketing automation using various platforms available when you have predetermine your campaigns.

You can do this by building separate sequences for different time zones or keeping it general and sending the messages at off-peak hours in all time zones.

What is the Best Day to Send SMS?

the Best Day to Send SMS

SMS messages are opened most frequently on weekdays – Monday to Friday. Therefore, it is best to send SMS marketing messages these days.

This information should be considered when deciding what day to send bulk SMS messages.

By sending promotional messages during times of low activity, you’re more likely to earn interest from consumers who receive your messages. It helps avoid sending messages at times when consumers are likely to be distracted or on the go, such as while they’re commuting or during work hours.

According to many SMS marketing reports, Saturday and Sunday are among the least opened days for messages, so it is generally not advisable to send promotional SMS over this period.

You’re the one who knows your company’s needs best. We do, however, have three recommendations for you.

  1. On slow days, boost foot traffic: Wednesdays are likely to be your quiet days. Whatever the day, you want to increase foot traffic. Send out a one-time offer via SMS to your clients. Make it time-sensitive by adding a timestamp or expiration date.
  2. Anytime is a good time to promote your business: Pick your busiest day of the week and send out a blast for a special. It might be a “buy one, get one” offer. Require customers to show their mobile coupon. It will get people talking about how they can acquire this bargain, which you may use to teach employees to point them towards your opt-in table tents.
  3. Keep in touch with your clients: It’s critical to keep in touch so that your consumers don’t forget about you. On slow days and crazy nights, utilizing text marketing messages can assist you, but you may also send out blasts regularly.

When is the Best Time to Send SMS?

There are several conclusions on the best time to send text marketing messages, but there is no best universal time to send SMS marketing messages.

You may follow specific guidelines, but the most important thing to remember is that every company is unique. And while particular timeframes apply to all businesses, the best moment to send a text for your specific business may differ.

For various marketing messages or corporate updates, this basic schedule works well. On weekdays, you have many alternatives. You can consider the following based on your offer and when you believe your consumers are more likely to act upon it:

  • 8 AM-12 PM: People frequently hold their phones in the palm of their hands as they wait for work or read emails, text messages, and check on other things in the morning. It might be a fantastic opportunity to send a text message with a generous offer, such as a free bun with a morning coffee at the local coffee shop.
  • 12 AM-3 PM: Lunchtime can be difficult, but many individuals still like to check their phones while eating. It could be a smart option if you believe your audience would be more likely to perform during this period.
  • 5 PM-9 PM: During this time, people are often done with their jobs and have more free time, making them more likely to react to text messages.

So, the first step is to remember what you’re selling and get to know your target audience. It will assist you in determining when would be the best time for those specific individuals, which you may then improve by monitoring the results of your SMS campaigns.

What Time is Right for Send Bulk SMS to Different Business Types?

The time you send your promotional messages may depend on the type of business. Here are some suggestions on sending messages on SMS marketing for businesses.

  • Retail Stores: Saturday and Sunday are not the best times to promote your store. People aren’t in stores as much these days, which means consumers will not see your message when they receive it. Even if they do, chances are they are not in the store at the time, so that they may miss your message. If you have a retail store, send promotional SMS messages on weekdays when people are likely to be out and about.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Restaurants and cafes may see better results sending SMS messages on Saturdays than on Sundays. People don’t eat out as often on weekdays, so Saturday is an excellent time for restaurants or cafés to SMS promote themselves.
  • Fitness Centers: Fitness centers mustn’t send any bulk SMS campaign over a weekend. The weekend is the time for people to relax, not think about work. So it’s best to send promotional SMS on weekdays when people are at work or doing errands.
  • Schools and Universities: It might be challenging to determine the best time for this type of business. One test you can try is sending out an SMS message on a Saturday right before lunch. The reason behind this is that most students are likely heading to lunch, so they may receive your text message when they’re together with their friends.
  • Bars and Nightclubs: This is relatively easy; send your text message blast on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. You can even time it to coincide with happy hour or ladies’ night! The main reason behind this is that people are typically out and about at nightclubs and bars where they may be more likely to use their mobile phones.
  • Hotel and Travel: You can send your text message blast before you get home to let people know of last-minute deals on flights, hotel rooms, and more. If they already have plans to travel, this may help them plan when time is of the essence!
  • Finance: This depends on the type of business. If you provide a service, it would be best to send a text message blast when people are not at work, but they often have their phones. So opt for a Saturday or Sunday early in the morning, perhaps around 8 AM-12 PM, when many individuals are still checking messages from their night earlier.
  • Real Estate: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the best days to contact real estate agents or brokers regarding new listings. People between these ages tend to check their mobile phones when they get up in the morning before work because many use smartphones as an alarm clock. They may also have time during lunch which is another excellent time to send your promotional messages.
  • Non-Profit Organization: The best time to send a text message is Sunday around 3 PM. People often have more free time, so this may be a good chance for you to reach them while they’re relaxing and not at work.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare: This type of business should send SMS messages on weekends or Mondays because people will need the most help with their medication or other services.
  • Online business: Any time would be perfect for SMS promotions. Send your messages on weekends, afternoons, and nights because people are always on their phones.

You may wish to test sending bulk SMS on different days of the week and discover if certain days get more responses from your target market.

What is A/B Testing about SMS Sending Time?

A/B Testing is a great way to determine the most effective time to send text messages for your specific market segment. It means you will need an idea of when people in your target market will most likely be open and accessible with their phones, whether early in the morning, mid-day, or late at night.

After discovering this information, test different times, let’s say one hour apart. This will allow you to determine if people respond better to messages sent in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Keep track of how many replies you get in each time frame. Use this information to determine the best time to send text marketing messages for your business market segment.

The best time to send SMS marketing messages to your customers is a highly personal decision, based on many different variables such as the goods you offer and the call to action you want your subscribers to take.

Use segmentation, get to know your audience, think about their requirements, experiment with several possibilities, and track the results of your messages. It will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t so you can figure out when your audience is most responsive to your texts.

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