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The first thing that comes to your mind regarding branded SMS messages are payment confirmation or delivery messages, yet this channel opens up so many more possibilities to communicate with your clients.

Do you know that the SMS open rate is a whopping 98%. Compared with the result of e-mail marketing, whose average of 20% looks really sad, SMS may be a good shout if you’re looking for ways to engage your customers .
Have we convinced you to give it a go?

If you have decided to take a look at SMS marketing and implement it in your strategy, yet you have no idea where to start, take a look at our guide where we’ll lead you through the essential aspects about including this channel in your business. We’ll also cover some common mistakes to make sure you won’t suffer from the consequences.

Where to start?

1. Get an SMS account

That’s the easy-peasy part. Setting up your account on JookSMS only takes five minutes, and then you can enjoy a 30 day free trial. After this period, when seeing which features were most useful and profitable, making your choice of plan will be a piece of cake.

2. Create a database of your customers

That’s the very base of your new marketing strategy. It may seem like a task that will take several weeks, but no worries: you already have your customers, you just have to start communicating with them via a new marketing channel.

Think about reaching out to them via e-mail newsletters or another channel you have already been using, or ask them for their phone number while they are finalizing a purchase.

Remember to obtain their explicit permission to contact them via SMS for promotional aims, since if you don’t then your messages will be treated as spam. By the way, if you lead various channels to support your clients in the way that suits them best, try out LiveAgent. It lets you manage each point of touch with your customers from one place, no matter how they reach out to you.

Plan your campaign

plan your sms campaign

Treat your SMS channel as one more way to achieve your marketing goals. When setting up the main idea for this medium, align it with your other activities so that they will support each other and create synergy.

In case you use multiple channels, Kontentino may serve you well, since it’s a scheduling platform for your social media activities. When you have clarity about your schedule, you can use SMS messages as a nudge to your customers.

3. Precise objectives and metrics

As with each and every marketing campaign, the starting point is to determine your goals and how you measure them. Will SMS messaging hope to engage more of your customers? Or maybe it will be to reach out to them if they don’t complete a purchase? Also think if you will focus on the open rate of your messages or links included within them. Adding some tags will allow you to track it better. 

4. Segment your customers

As in the case of e-mail marketing, this channel of communication enters a very intimate space of your customer: their inbox.

That’s why the last impression you want to leave is that you send bulk messages that are irrelevant to some segments of your clients.

Think about dividing your database following criteria like demographics, activity on your page or other aspects. It will enable you to target your messages better and achieve higher conversion rates.

5. Get some inspiration

Will SMS marketing serve to inform your customers about new deals? Or maybe that the products they had on their wish lists are currently discounted? SMS marketing is extremely versatile, so take advantage of it and adjust it to your needs. If you need some inspiration, check out our post with the best examples of SMS marketing messages.

Make it attractive

SMS may not be the most visual channel in your marketing strategy. Nevertheless, you’ll still have space for creativity and showing off your copywriting skills. Here are some hacks that will definitely enhance your messages.

6. Brand your number

Of course, you may just use some randomly assigned phone number, but it looks far better when your brand name is visible. It lets you build confidence, proving that it comes from an official source, in the same way that a local phone number seems closer to your client, even when your call is international.

In case you operate in various areas and want to give the impression of proximity, check out CloudTalk. Apart from local and toll-free numbers, it gives you plenty of options to automate tedious tasks and organize your calls by tagging them. Be aware though that a branded number disables replies from your customers.

If you want to make use of its two-way communication feature, why not get a short number that will allow your clients to reach you back?

7. Be concise

SMS messages should be short, clear and easy to digest. Even though you have 160 characters to use in your message, you don’t have to use all of them: only as many as needed.

Make sure, though, that you include everything that is required in order to perform the desired action, and that the overall style of communication is consistent with your brand. A single, simple message and a call to action will boost your results.

Nowadays, the majority of smartphone users are connected to the Internet all the time. Take advantage of it and make their path from your SMS to your website more accessible, providing them with a direct link.

By including the most critical information on the landing page, you can save some space in your SMS or avoid incomprehensible abbreviations. Pro tip: to make your link user-friendly, use some link shorteners, some of which allow you to customize your domain.?

9. Personalize

SMS messages are personal, so it’s a great way to shorten the distance between you and your customer. Apart from adjusting the message to your segment, as mentioned before, you can include some details like name, the last product they bought or any other information that will give the impression of a personal, well-thought-out message. In this step, preparing your database correctly is crucial, so you will be sure to have all the your necessary information and a smooth connection between it and your SMS system.

Analyze your data

When you send your messages through a service, it’s not only about bulk messages and scheduling: for example, by adding some tags to the links you put into SMS, you can gain valuable data and insights. 

Analyze your data and avoid this text message common mistakes

10. Set up your analytics correctly

In this step, we need to go back to the very beginning: our targets for the campaign. It’s essential to have them in mind when setting up your analytics, as they have to be set up accordingly. Common metrics are open rate and conversion, if you put links in your messages, but you should always adjust it to the goal of your campaign. You can also check what sending time, type of copy or call to action converts best, and then apply your conclusions to your future campaigns.


Being all excited about the amazing idea we have for our campaign, we are prone to forget about the legal side of our actions. Don’t let that be the case, and before going live with your idea, check twice if every condition is met.

Data privacy, spam prevention and other issues are to be treated seriously. Make sure you have the consent to send promotional messages, provide your customers with an easy option to opt out of your newsletter and be clear about the rules you follow when sending your messages. 

Common mistakes

In this section, we’ll cover some often spotted errors that may prevent you from getting the highest results. You’ll also find some ways to avoid them, so your SMS strategy will be foolproof.

12. Too often, too late

Hitting the sweet spot for both time and frequency of sending your messages may take some effort, yet there are some general guidelines.

Remember that you don’t want to be perceived as a spammer due to the number of messages or to disturb your customers with messages late at night. Start with a rule of sending three to four promo messages monthly, observe customers? reactions and adjust the number accordingly.

As for the sending time, why wouldn’t you try to set up two identical groups and, by setting them up at two different hours, checking out which performs better? With the option of scheduling available on paid plans at JookSMS, you won’t have to remember about sending messages after your office time.

13. Unclear messages

If you see that your last message doesn’t convert as it was supposed to, take another look at the copy. As SMS messages are supposed to be concise, you may feel tempted to use some jargon that carries more information, yet may be incomprehensible to your customers. Don’t expect them to spend some time on figuring out what you meant: be respectful of their time and be straight to the point

Dedicating some time to explore the possibilities that stand behind SMS marketing may bring you results incomparable with other channels. By using bulk messages and scheduling options, you can implement your ideas in minutes and reach out to your customers in one of the most approachable ways available at the moment. 

JookSMS is an easy and flexible tool to execute your SMS marketing campaigns. If you have any doubts whether this solution will works for you, then make use of the 30-day free trial ? there’s nothing to lose.

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