Why Geotargeting Consumers Via SMS Can Increase Sales

Consumers expect to receive relevant messages from brands in the right moments. Now that mobile marketing technologies enable brands to reach customers even when they’re on the go, there is even more opportunity to meet the specific needs of your customers.

Mobile shopping is becoming a commonplace in the US. According to reports, the customer journey typically starts on a mobile device.

However, if the mobile experience you provide for consumers is limited, or if your mobile technologies donĀ“t do enough to capture customers in the right moments, you are missing out on sales.

One of the most powerful mobile tools at your disposal today is geotargeting data. This enables you to target customer in specific location areas – and even when customers come within a few miles of your physical store.

Utilizing geotargeting location data to its maximum potential enables brands to enrich the customer experience. When linked with SMS messaging strategies, you improve your chances of increasing sales and customer loyalty.

SMS Reaches Your Target Audience

sms reach your target audience

Online channels are busy. With multiple brands vying for the attention of customers alongside a multitude of media, it can be difficult for online ads to find their target.

SMS enables brands to send marketing messages directly to the cell phones of your customers. Simply put, text message marketing cuts through the noise.

When online ads fail, SMS messaging gives you the opportunity to compel shoppers to take action. And given 98% of text messages are opened, SMS represents a powerful tool with an exceptional reach.

Geotargeting makes SMS even stronger. With 81% of US consumers carrying smartphones with them, GPS tracking and free wifi services in public areas give brands the opportunity to reach targeted audiences with relevant messages in the right moments.

Types of GeoLocation Technologies


geo fencing

The most popular geolocation strategy is geo-fencing. This enables marketers to set up a GPS parameter around a specified area of your store, say 2 or 3km.

When customers with GPS-enabled settings on their cell phones enter the perimeter, you have the option to send them a targeted marketing message. In essence, SMS-based geo-fencing strategies drive foot traffic to your store and increase sales.


Geo conquesting

As the competition for the attention of consumers gets fiercer, Geo-conquesting is arguably becoming more prominent amongst retail brands.

Geo-conquesting works in a similar way to geo-fencing. The major difference is you can automate the program to identify when your customers enter a rival store.

The text software triggers an SMS message, and providing your offer is tempting enough, you can significantly increase your sales. A prime example of a geo-conquesting promotion is to offer a 10% discount on the customer’s next purchase.

Brands that have not adopted mobile technologies and SMS messaging as part of your marketing arsenal risk losing customers to your competitors. If you’re not utilising mobile marketing strategies, your rivals might be.

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