Restaurants and cafes are multiplying by the day, while many have been in business for decades. With an increasingly large number of restaurants popping up, standing out from other players in the field is a challenge. Moreover, success has no limits; it must be matched with continuous efforts at innovation.

The importance of SMS marketing for restaurants is SMS marketing proves to be one of the most essential tools for restaurant owners to reach out to their customers. With 75% of customers wanting offers delivered through SMS, it seems a clear choice for sending offers to your followers. And with more and more restaurants popping up every day, it’s essential to use innovative marketing tools to get your name out there.

This article explores some tips and tricks for making the most of SMS Marketing for Restaurants. We hope that you will find them helpful.

How Important Is SMS Marketing for Restaurants?

SMS Marketing for Restaurants has become a very important part of any food businesses’ marketing strategy. About two years ago, only a third of serious restaurant owners used SMS marketing. 

Today, 80% of restaurant owners use SMS marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy. It indicates how vital this strategy has become and will only get more important in upcoming years.

Considering that everyone has a mobile phone, it means that almost everyone receives text messages. SMS marketing is more convenient and comes with open rates of up to 98%! Compared to email open rates of only 20%, text messaging is one of the most potent ways to market, nurture customers and bring them back to your business.

How Does SMS Marketing Work For Restaurants?

How Does SMS Marketing Work For Restaurants

There are hundreds of ways to let SMS marketing work for restaurants and food businesses. It is a customer-centric approach that helps owners identify and reach out to current and potential customers. Let’s take a look at how businesses around the globe utilize this tool to grow sales and gain more customers. 

1. Use SMS marketing to inform your customers about new dishes.

Inform customers about new dishes through SMS marketing and text announcements. Nearly all restaurants have a website that informs clients about the menu items they serve and the prices of those items. However, clients do not always visit the website before heading over to eat out. 

Hence, it would be best if you supplement your physical presence with an online presence. SMS marketing is a great way to do that precisely because it lets you reach clients while they are at large and on the go (and thus looking for restaurants).

Some example SMS messages for announcing new dishes:

· Tony’s Pizzeria: New menu item! Try the vegetarian lasagna. Only $9.99!

· Le Maison: Lunch special today: spaghetti bolognese for only $6.95!

Note: Send these messages around lunchtime or a few hours before dinner to boost traffic in your restaurant.

2. Use SMS marketing to inform about discounts.

Use SMS marketing to inform about discounts

In today’s economic environment, many clients make price comparisons before settling on going out to eat or ordering food from a restaurant. In such an environment, clients are more sensitive than ever. They want to get the best value for their money and take advantage of special offers. 

SMS marketing is by far one of the most efficient ways of letting your customers know that you are running a special offer. Subway, one of the fastest-growing food chains globally, uses SMS marketing alerts for various purposes. From subscriber updates, exclusive discounts, and coupons.

Subway: Declare independence from thirst! Get ANY fountain drink for $1 @SUBWAY w/ code 1DRINK. In-app: HELP/STOP call 8447887525

Another example of how vital SMS marketing is for restaurants is how Chili’s Grill & Bar utilizes it. The Tex-Mex restaurant sends out SMS every four days.

Chili’s: Start dinner right off with a FREE Appetizer on us! Reply with STOP to cancel.

Chili’s: It’s crunch time! Enjoy FREE Chips and your choice of Salsa, Queso, or Guac w/ entree. Reply STOP to cancel.

3. Use SMS marketing for changes in restaurant opening and closing times.

Use SMS Marketing by sending text messages to inform your loyal customers of your restaurant times. Update them with any changes to ensure that they come to you during your restaurant business hours. It can be frustrating to arrive at an establishment only to find out that it is closed. Thus, make sure to let your clients know of any changes in your working hours via SMS.

Here are some examples from Papa Murphy’s Pizza-

Papa Murphy’s: Happy New Year! We are open today. Get $3 Off Large or Fam Size CODE: T3OFF Excl apply Msg&DataRatesApply STOP to end.

Papa Murphy’s: Today’s a great day to order pizza! Any Lg Pizza or CYO for $12! Branches open 9-9 for orders. STOP to end

4. Use SMS to notify innovations such as home delivery.

SMS to notify innovations such as home delivery

Use SMS to inform your customers about your offered services and innovations such as home delivery. Home services are booming, so why not take advantage of the rising popularity and expand your business through home deliveries? Once you have decided to offer dinners at clients’ homes, your clients must be aware of the innovation. Having your restaurant’s number on them will allow you to notify clients instantly when you are ready to start offering home delivery.

Examples of how to use this are shown by these SMS marketing messages from Olive Garden.

Olive Garden: Bring home favorites from Dad or grand with Family-Style meals. Order now for easy Carside Delivery!

Olive Garden: Celebrate National Pasta Day with Olive Garden! Treat yourself to our favorites at our place or yours. Order now:

5. Send “bon appetit” messages to build trust.

There is a saying that ‘the best food in the world should also be served with warmth.’ Customers do not need this tip, but they need to be assured that they will be well taken care of about the food and service. Prudent use of SMS marketing is sure to build trust and thus more business for you.

Here are some examples of what we consider as “Bon appetite” messages that inform loyal customers that your restaurant remembers them:

“Happy Birthday, Rafael! Come to Olive Garden and get a free dessert of your choice!”

“Who’s the birthday girl? Get 30% off your order today at [restaurant]”

6. Send confirmation messages after online ordering.

Sending confirmation messages after online orders is a considerable effort to make your customer’s life easier! Make your business number appear on your customer’s phones so that they will remember to contact you every time they consider ordering food in the future. Here are some simple yet effective delivery notifications and the order confirmations sent thru SMS:

Thank you for placing your order with Peking Duck. Your order will be ready for collection in 30 minutes, and please check back at the restaurant desk to collect it.

Your takeaway is on its way and will be there soon. We’re looking forward to hearing from you again!

ORDER UPDATE: Your order 134824 has been canceled. Please visit to build or edit your new order.

7. Provide information about campaigns.

Like any other merchant, your restaurant must communicate ongoing campaigns and promotions throughout the year. Such campaigns often have a specific end date, so you must inform your clients about this beforehand (thus allowing them to take advantage of the offer).

Papa John’s Pizza shows us how to use SMS marketing to provide information about campaigns through these examples:

Papa John’s: Any large Specialty pizza or 5-topping for only $12 w/code: L5TSP thru 10/18 @ STOP to cancel

Papa John’s: Grab a large 2-topping pizza just for $10 w/code LG410 thru 9/20 @ STOP to cancel

Is It a Good Idea to Use SMS Templates for Restaurants?

If you want to have the edge over your competitors, using SMS Templates for your SMS marketing is an excellent idea. You can compose a message for every occasion, announcement, or promotion that you are running. It has multiple uses, and it will make your life easier and more convenient.

By using SMS templates for restaurants, you will focus on making more money and running a better business instead of worrying about making your marketing work for you.


SMS templates are a great way to make your restaurant’s SMS marketing interactive and engaging while at the same time simplifying that marketing process. All it takes is some imagination and creativity and the right tools like SMS templates for restaurants to get started!

What are the Successful Examples of SMS Marketing for Restaurants?

Restaurants across the country have their fair share of SMS marketing strategies, and customers appreciate the messages they receive from their favorite diners.

Some great examples of popular restaurants with successful SMS Marketing include Chili’s, Taco Bell, Texas Roadhouse, Dunkin Donuts, and more!

Here are 3 successful examples of sms marketing for restaurants

→ For Taco Bell, they launched a text messaging campaign that earned them 13,000 SMS subscribers in the first five weeks! The restaurant encourages the customers to opt-in, and once successfully subscribed, they get a promotional offer with any food purchase.

→ Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts SMS Promotion increased their store traffic by 21%! Their promotion targeted young adults in Boston, and it increased their in-store traffic in the area. A local DJ advertised the text promotion and ran a mobile internet ad encouraging people to subscribe.

→ And lastly, Papa John’s Pizza increased its sales by 33% through an SMS marketing campaign and Bulk SMS. The message was simply worded, offering any pizza size at 6.99 pounds for pickup and 8.99 pounds for delivery, and it was sent to 8100 contacts. With a strong redemption rate, the franchise increased sales by 33% in three weeks.

What are the Advantages of Using SMS Templates for Restaurants?

There are many advantages when you use SMS Templates for your Restaurant marketing strategy. It is essential to remember that your clients are constantly on the move. While their inboxes stay with them at all times, you will still have to design marketing messages that appeal to a wide range of customers. Here’s what SMS templates can do for your restaurant:

→ SMS templates for restaurants allow you to create a range of messages without much effort. You can choose from different SMS formats and customize your message. The best thing is that you will be able to write a unique SMS for every client. At the same time, you will save yourself some time since these pre-written templates include all that is needed to send a great marketing message.

→ Save yourself some serious time by using ready-made templates. You no longer need to bother with writing repetitive messages all the time to inform your clients about your daily offers and promotions. Instead, you can use the message you need for each client and save yourself a lot of time!

→ SMS templates for restaurants allow you to speed up your SMS marketing process. Using pre-written messages to inform your clients about menu changes or new services is not only convenient, but it’s also fast. You won’t even need to copy-paste your messages anymore since you will choose the message you need and send it.

→ Using SMS templates for restaurants is a great way to improve your marketing process. Not only are they convenient and easy to use, but they have been optimized for use on mobile phones. By using SMS templates for restaurants, you will reach more clients and improve your restaurant’s marketing strategy.

What are the Best Marketing Tools for Restaurants?


The best marketing tools for restaurants are text message marketing tools, social media, email, online menus and mobile apps. 

The main goal of marketing for restaurants should be to generate quality leads to attract new potential customers. Successful marketing is about creating the impression of your restaurant, not just placing ads or paying for expensive billboards.

1. SMS marketing. SMS Marketing (Short Message Service) allows you to interact with your customer base and build a relationship by providing valuable information in an engaging format. SMS Marketing gives restaurants the ability to send a personalized message directly to their client’s phone devices.

2. Social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites provide restaurants with opportunities to build a relationship between the customer and business and create brand awareness by posting helpful information, such as deals or special promotions. An advantage of this type of marketing is that you will target specific demographics or locations through geotargeting. But social media marketing requires a lot of time, creativity, and patience.

3. Email marketing. Use email marketing for restaurants (also known as newsletter or news blast) to build relationships with your clients and provide them with up-to-date information about new offers, deals, promotions, or upcoming events. As opposed to SMS Marketing, email marketing allows you to create a more personalized approach, which is an advantage when email marketing is compared to social media.

4. Online menu/website. Your restaurant’s website and online menu need to be created by professionals who will ensure that your potential customers can easily find the information they need about your business and look for an engaging design and a friendly interaction. Potential clients will judge your restaurant by its website, so you want to ensure that they have the correct information (such as contact details, opening hours, or menus) to feel comfortable going there.

5. Mobile apps development and usage (mobile restaurant app). Apps such as Foursquare or Yelp have created a new dimension of how marketing for restaurants is done. Their main advantage is that they are convenient and easy to use, which means that you will be able to get in touch with your clients all the time without effort, even when you’re on the go.

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